Alec Baldwin Love Triangle Explodes in Manhattan

Alec Baldwin Love Triangle Explodes in Manhattan

Alec Baldwin has been trending lately, and that which is done in the darkness shall come to the light. Alec Baldwin’s love triangle explodes in Manhattan, as this seems to be what has happened to actor Baldwin when Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin burst onto the current scene as lover and stalker of Baldwin, harassing the actor –and his young wife, Hilaria!

According to reports, the married man Alec Baldwin and Sabourin have known each other since 2002 when a mutual friend introduced them and Baldwin and [the third-wheel] Sabourin worked together on the set of The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Baldwin admitted that he had dinner with Sabourin one time in 2010, but that the purpose for the dinner was so that he could give her “career advice,” and nothing else.

Two years after that “business dinner,” an entirely different spin on that story whirls into view regarding Baldwin, in the likes of a love triangle with Sabourin, who apparently knew the star of 3-D Rock was married and yet did not restrain herself.

In 2012, Sabourin was arrested on stalking charges. She now has 23 counts of harassment on her record. Reports now say that Sabourin, apparently jilted by Baldwin and unhappy about it, had sent scores of e-mails to Baldwin, and every night left around 30 voice mails. It appears that what began as Sabourin begging for Alec Baldwin’s love increased to her threatening Baldwin and his wife Hilaria. Baldwin, of course, denies ever being involved romantically with Sabourin, but that’s not what the alleged mistress claims; Sabourin insists that she and Baldwin had a short-term sexual relationship two years ago and that all those efforts to reach him were her way of seeking closure.

One year later, we see all over the news how the Alec Baldwin love triangle explodes in a Manhattan courtroom, when Sabourin, utterly scorned, turns the scandalous case into a 3-ring circus and the love triangle at her disposal now entails Baldwin, Hilaria, and Baldwin’s so-called “friend,” 87 year-old Martin Bregman, producer of Scarface.

The case quickly turned into quite a disaster, with the grown men arguing against each other: “She’s your girlfriend! No, she’s your girlfriend, Baldwin, not mine!”

According to Bregman, Baldwin was involved in the extramarital affair, and is lying about it; Bregman stated that Baldwin was “screwing two women,” that “One of them is his present wife and the other one he was doing” was “the girl in question.” Bregman made the damning statements in the first day of trial against Sabourin. Bregman further went on to say that Baldwin made a stupid move by making up a report to for the purpose of denying his romantic involvement with the Canadian actress.

In response to Bregman’s shocking and possibly wounding allegations, Baldwin, weeping on the stand, fended off the accusation of having seduced Sabourin by retorting that Sabourin and Bregman were longtime lovers and that Bregman introduced them at a lunch in Montreal in 2002. Of the business dinner in 2010 with Sabourin, Baldwin said, “It was merely a favor to the man she was the mistress of. She was Marty’s girlfriend.”

Hearing this, and that Baldwin emphatically denied ever being “romantically” involved with the stalker, Sabourin yelled out, “You’re lying!” Further, reports say that Sabourin’s outbursts continued throughout the trial and that the judge threatened to hold her in contempt if she didn’t stifle herself! Sabourin did not seem to fear the judge’s warning and she persisted with the story that she and Baldwin were lovers and that he cheated on his wife with her.

To wield her point right between everyone’s eyes, Sabourin went as far as shouting, “You have a scar!” and touched her hip, as Alec Baldwin glared at her. At this point in the fiasco, reports say that the judge again threatened to hold the defendant Sabourin in contempt, and that her attorney, Spodek, removed her from the courtroom while she screamed that she must prove that she had a sexual relationship with Baldwin. Supposedly, in that scuffle, Sabourin was screaming, “I didn’t do anything wrong. He’s lying! He’s lying!”

Perhaps Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria now accepts the truth. Whether this “scar on the hip” exists or it doesn’t; no one asked her to verify it for the court, nor Baldwin to lower his pants and prove Sabourin wrong. As far as reports are saying, when Hilaria later took the stand to testify against the alleged stalker, Sabourin resumed the outbursts, blared that she never spoke to Hilaria, and yelled, “You’re going to hell, Hilaria. You’re lying.”

On the stand, Mrs. Baldwin recounted the events that have led to this point, all of which touched upon the scores of disturbing emails, the incessant voicemails, the fact of her husband putting her on the phone to ward off Sabourin and that of having to summon the police when Sabourin showed up at their home; about which Hilaria said she was so afraid, she couldn’t even remember her own address and needed to look at a piece of mail, for she was completely out of her mind with terror.

The case resumes today and Sabourin is set to take the stand as we all sit tight to see if the Alec Baldwin love triangle explodes afresh inside that Manhattan courtroom! According to sources, the Canadian actress has said, “I’m not gonna take a reduced plea for a crime I have not committed.” Let’s then tune in and see what else unfolds, since already the scores of emails and voice messages, admittedly, all came from the woman charged with stalking Baldwin and carrying 23 counts of harassment for doing it!

By Christina L. Ibbotson


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