Mark Wahlberg the Brutal and Harrowing Saga

Mark WahlbergPlaying a real life seal, Mark Wahlberg says it’s nothing like the real thing, following the premiere of his new movie “Lone Survivor” at the AFI Fest festival. Honestly, a turn your head and shake in your seat bloody film. A True life story of a brutal and harrowing saga of four real life seals on a deadly mission deep into the northern Afghanistan territory. Lone Survivor aka “Operation Red Wings” the failed June 28, 2005 mission into the Pech District of Afghanistan’s Kunar Province. Ten were tasked with the operation to either capture or kill the Taliban leader; Ahmad Shahd. A four members of sealteam went in and Marcus Luttrell, only surviving member of his squad. A very powerful, in your face visualization of the hell of war.

Wahlberg was emotional and tearful as he spoke of his nightmare filming in the mountains. “I don’t know it just slapped me in the face uh … I don’t know, it just really disturbed me that those men were never going to see their homes again. (SIC) For someone to perch themselves in a chair and say my job is just as hard and as difficult as someone’s in the military’s. BLEEP; dare you.” he told The Wrap.

No one can say that shooting a war film is anything like the real thing. Not even close. People walk away from making a movie, but in the battle field one can only hope to walk out with everything still attached. That includes their mental state. Mark Wahlberg did survive his own brutal and harrowing saga in his own right. Making him believe in the seal’s bravery, toughness and abilities. Putting us back in our seats, wondering if we could make those types of tough decisions under fire.

Can you imagine what it would be like to crawl out of an area for over seven miles, looking for the life sustaining water, shelter or food? Not knowing if you will live to see your family again. We can empathize, but until we walk in that place on our own being hunted and shot at, we can never truly know what it is really like. The movie puts you there. It is as real as you can get when making a film.

At the AFI Fest festival, where the movie premiered Wahlberg was also quoted as saying “I’ve done other movies where I experienced4.5 years of intense training, I did; The Fighter – f— all that,” he added. “I’m proud to be a part of this.”

Mark Wahlberg’s brutal and harrowing passion for the film and about the men that the film is about, is very evident in his speech as his eyes fill with tears, on lookers reported at the festival. The movies hasn’t even hit theaters and it’s already widely talked about among the film critics. It has them wondering what the public will think of the film? Will the real life of what our troops go through in the battle field be too much?


By Zondra Mae

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