The X Factor Performance Show November 13 (Review & Videos)

The X Factor Sweet Suspense November 13, 2013
On The X Factor tonight, one of the remaining competitors will be eliminated right at the start of the episode. That’s because of a scoring glitch last Wednesday, which resulted in a Re-Do episode last Thursday. Then, after the episode ended, America voted on who would stay and who would go. The act/person with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated tonight on The X Factor, and then we will see great live performances from the 12 who are left!

Mario Lopez, the host of The X Factor, introduced the judges and acts, and explained about the elimination at the beginning of the show. He also said tonight’s musical theme would be songs from the 1980s. It should be a great episode!

The audience was already pumped when Mario Lopez took the stage. The acts will be singing songs from the 1980s, which Mario says is one of his favorite decades, as far as music goes.

“The act,” Mario said, “who received the lowest number of votes last week and is going home right now is — Carlos Guevara!” That’s terrible — I really thought that Carlos had one of the best voices of the remaining acts.

“Tomorrow night, two more acts will be going! Yes, it’s a double elimination!” Mario says.

The first act to perform tonight will be Lillie McCloud, from The Over 25s, Kelly Rowland’s team. Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan will be the song she will sing.  I’m unfamiliar with the song, but the audience seems to be digging it, and Lillie’s a great singer. It will be interesting to hear what the comments of the judges will be.

Paulina: “Wow, You just showed us what a multipersonality you can be. You are a goddess, even of the 1980s.”

Demi: “At some moments, you looked a little uncomfortable, but it was a step up from last week.”

Simon: “I have to say, you’re a naughty little thing, aren’t you? I have a girlfriend, you know,” He said, thinking that Lillie was flirting with him. “This time you actually looked and acted like a proper singer.”

He asked her if she thought she could win the entire competition, and she said “definitely.”

Then, The X Factor went to the first commercial break of the night.

Carlito Olivero of Team Paulina, The Boys, will be the second singer, and he will perform the song The Rhythm’s Gonna Get You. Paulina tells him in the rehearsals to “make it his own.”

Carlito has the young women in the audience screaming right from the start of his version of this song. He did a great job, helped by an attractive female dancer, and male dancers. There were green laser lights, also. The audience erupted in applause.

Kelly: “You’re supposed to be suave, your name is Carlito. I want to see you singing to all of the women.”

Demi: “I actually paid more attention to the dancers than to you. It wasn’t for me.”

Simon: “If you’re going to stay — which is doubtful — you really need to take control of your singing and don’t pay as much attention to your dancing.”

Paulina: “I think you need to pay more attention to your face (Whatever that’s supposed to mean — I added that bit, of course).”

I think the judges were pretty harsh to Carlito this week. I think he’s probably too much of a favorite to be voted to go back home — but, anything could happen, I guess. More commercials followed….

Rion Paige will be the third performer on The X Factor tonight. I really love her voice and her singing, but it might be hard for her to top how well she did with the Lady Gaga song Born This Way last week.

Rion is from Demi’s team, The Girls. “How much do you know the 80s?” Demi asks her. Rion doesn’t know any song from the 1980s, as she wasn’t born until the year 2000.

The song Rion sang is We Belong by Pat Benatar. God, she does an awesome job with any song! Holy Bleep, Batman! I thought Rion knocked it out of the park again with her version of this song!

Kelly: “Rion Paige, you know, I really loved how you sang We belong just like you were right from the 80s!”

Paulina: “You’re fantastic; you’re a firecracker!”

Simon: “You know what I really like about you? Whatever song you’re given, you give it 110 percent! You need to have more input, though!”

Mario says that Sweet Suspense for The Groups, Simon’s team, will perform after the next batch of commercials. They will sing Mickey by Toni Basil.

They do fantastic! I really liked their performance, though the song sort of reeked of being a “bubble gum” sort of pop song. Still, they gave a great performance, and sang it very well. The audience cheered wildly when they finished singing.

Kelly: “I felt that this week, you didn’t settle into a rhythm.”

Paulina: “You three girls are amazing!”

Demi slammed them, saying that they didn’t work together well.

Simon: “I think it was the best performance of the night so far! I really do!” He said the female judges sounded like “three witches.”

Tim Olstad will be singing a Phil Collins song tonight on The X Factor. The song is Against All Odds. He does a really great version, but this is a fairly difficult song to do justice to.

Kelly: “I adore you, but I have to be honest. That fell flat for me this week.”

Paulina: “I have to disagree. You sang just like I asked oyu to sing — it was Tim.”

Demi: There was no X Factor when you sang.”

Simon: “I was distracted by a girl dancing behind you.” He wasn’t impressed at all.

Khaya Cohen was the next singer for The Girls, Demi’s time. Demi said that this might be the last time she performs — what a wya to show your support. She will sing Borderline by Madonna. Demi said “In this competition, you have to blow everybody out of the water every performance.”

This version — it’s pretty good, but not like the original. I don’t know how the judges will react. Khaya’s a fantastic singer, though, and the audience is lovin’ her performance.

Kelly said she really liked it, and Paulina agreed. Simon said: “We shouldn’t underestimate just how good you are. I think it’s your best performance so far.”

Demi: “Me, too. You just killed it!”

Mario Lopez then said that Restless Road, another act from Simon’s team,The Groups,will perform after the break.

Footloose was the song they sang. It’s a very good choice for them IMHO — they had the women screaming. They had some hot-looking females dancing onstage with them, also, wearing denim Daisy Dukes and boots.They did great!

Kelly: “You know, you guys are loads of fun!”

Paulina: “I love that song!”

Demi: “You guys have it! You have it!”

Simon: “That was a great song choice for you! Congratulations!”

Before going to the next commercial break, Mario gave the reminder that if you liked how Restless or any of the other acts did, you need to vote for them after the episode ends to ensure that they will continue on in the competition.

From Kelly Rowland’s team, The Over 25s, the next singer is Rachel Potter. She will be performing Alone. I loved it from her first note — it’s a great song, and she nailed it, as usual. The audience cheered and screamed throughout. The stage was foggy (the floor of it). Rachel may have delivered the best performance so far tonight!

Paulina: “Wow! Rachel, you are such a great singer! You are young and sassy; I just love it!”

Demi: “I think you have the potential to win the entire show!”

Simon: “What kind of recording artist do you want to be?”
Rachel: “A country artist.”

Simon: “I didn’t really get that from your singing.”

Kelly: “That’s because nobody from your groups can hit those high notes.” Burn….

Ellona Santiago from Demi’s group, The Girls, will sing a Whitney Houston song, I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me). She gives another stupendous performance — America, if you want her to stay, remember to vote for Ellona!

Kelly: “Ellona Santiago, this voice is just so much bigger than your little tiny, tiny body!”

Paulina: “I love how you’re a perfectionist”

Simon: “I thought the first two-thirds of the song were just crazy. I didn’t get it. I would like to see less choreography if you’re still here next week.”

Demi: “She will be. You killed it! You were an absolute diva!”

Mario says that coming up, Josh Levi will song a song by Paula Abdul. Josh is the youngest one on The Boys team, Paulina’s group.

He will be both singing and dancing — this worries him, because the last time that he did both, he was (briefly) sent home. The song he will sing is Paula Abdul’s Straight Up.

The young women in the audience definitely like his singing, and probably how handsome they might think that he looks. Josh does an impressive job singing this song, and there were cool laser lights going on, and the chorus really added to the performance, as well.

Kelly: “I’m going to go on record saying this — I think that you, young man, have just arrived!”

Demi: “Right now, I have no idea why you were ever let go from this competition; but you’re back!”

Simon: “One moment, we’re listening to karaoke singers; the next moment, we’re looking at a future star! It was just amazing!”

Paulina: “It was a great achievement!”

Mario says that Jeff Gutt will perform next, after yet more commercials.

Jeff Gutt is the final performer of The Over 25 group, Kelly’s team. He says he has less than a dollar in bank, and he’s just been getting a couple of hours of sleep a night. “I’m going to do whatever I can to get to the end,” he says.

The song that Jeff will be singing is (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight. I think it might be by the supergroup, Asia. Jeff nailed it! The audience clapped along as he sang — he rocked it out!

Paulina: “I loved it! I think every week you are giving us more of your material, your Rock and Roll, and I love it!”

Demi: “We need someone like you in this competition! I just loved it!”

Simon: “I’m not going to remember that version of that song. You have to push yourself; get out of your comfort zone. It was a little bit Spinal Tap.”

Kelly: “He can do it all!”

A video of his performance wasn’t available at the time I was writing this review, so it’s unfortunately not included here.

Of course, Simon, like the other judges, wants one of their own acts to win it all, so it’s a little difficult to say if any of the criticism we hear from any of the judges is genuinely meant, or if it’s to try to make their own acts look better by comparison.

Alex & Sierra will be the final act of the night on The X Factor. They are from Simon’s team, The Groups.

They are performing a kick-ass version of Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer. They are really both showing off their wide vocal ranges with this song — both can hit the high notes when the song calls for it. I really, really liked this performance from them

Kelly: “I love you guys, I really like looking at you as a couple. It was magnetic.”

Demi: “The set-up looked like you were kind of uncomfortable.”

Simon: “We actually don’t like to do the same thing night after night. It’s called originality, sweetheart.”

Mario announced that the voting is now open and that online voting is open until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. The period for voting by phone will last the next two hours.

That’s it for The X Factor tonight. The episode Live Performances started out with the elimination of the talented young singer from The Boys group, Carlos Guevara. Then, the performers who were left took the stage with some of the best performances yet this season, all fighting for the votes of you, America! Show your support by voting for your favorites, and tune in with me to watch tomorrow night to learn who the next two competitors to be eliminated will be. Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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