Alec Baldwin Sheds Tears and Stalker Sent to Jail

Alec Baldwin

Things just got complicated in the courtroom on Wednesday when actor Alec Baldwin was giving evidence in New York against his alleged stalker, Canadian actress, 41-year-old Genevieve Sabourin. As Baldwin sheds tears, Sabourin makes a scene and gets sent to jail.

Baldwin has repeatedly denied having any relationship with Sabourin, stating that he merely met her to offer her career advice, at the request of a mutual friend.

The alleged stalker has been accused of sending Baldwin 30 voicemails and many emails.  She is also accused of arriving at his homes unexpectedly, upsetting the whole family.   Baldwin said that he and his wife both feel “extremely, extremely, extremely threatened” by the stalker.

In court, however, Sabourin insists that she and Baldwin had a romantic relationship, which fell apart.  On Tuesday, she kept interrupting the court proceedings with various outbursts, calling Baldwin a liar when he denied the romantic relationship between them.

Sabourin was quoted by the media as saying, “He’s lying,” and she then addressed Baldwin directly, implying a relationship by saying, “You have a scar!”

Judge Robert Mandelbaum eventually had enough of the outbursts and scolded Sabourin, telling her not to testify from her seat at the defense table and not to interrupt when a witness is on the stand. However, Sabourin continued with her tirade, causing her lawyer to briefly escort his client from the courtroom to speak to her.  This eventually caused the judge to send her to jail for 30 days for her outbursts.

For his part, Baldwin, 55, explained that he had met Sabourin when lunching with a mutual friend back in 2000 while filming in Montreal.  Sabourin was reportedly working as a publicist on his film at the time.

It was 10 years later that he was asked to give Sabourin advice on acting, as she was getting involved in some Canadian films and TV series.

They met in a restaurant in 2010 for an hour-long chat, which Sabourin now claims was a romantic dinner ending with a sexual tryst, which Baldwin firmly denies.

Baldwin said that he had merely communicated with her giving help on acting classes, and that it was her that began professing her love for him.

Baldwin’s eyes reddened as he shed tears in court, relating how the alleged stalker, Sabourin, had turned up outside his home in East Hampton, New York, just after he had got engaged to his then girlfriend Hilaria in March 2012.

He told the court that Sabourin had threatened to enter both his home and place of business and then said, “That’s when I knew she was dangerous.”

He then described a “nightmarish” moment, which was “like something out of Hitchcock” when Sabourin confronted him at a movie screening at the Lincoln Center.

As he looked out from the wings on stage, he saw her sitting right in the front row seating.

From then on Baldwin repeatedly asked Sabourin to leave him and his wife alone, showing the court various emails he had sent to her in response to her threat to start a “massive destructive war” against him.

He did say that he tried to pacify Sabourin by sending more personal notes, telling her that, for instance, “happiness is around the corner.”

Sabourin’s lawyer, Todd Spodek, told the court his client did not mean to threaten Baldwin and was simply trying to resolve her feelings toward him. According to Spodek, Baldwin and Sabourin corresponded for more than a year with various emails.

On the other hand, Baldwin insists that he was “never, never, never” the instigator of  “these conversations.”

Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, told the court that Sabourin had harassed her constantly on Twitter, even while she was pregnant with Baldwin’s baby daughter.  She mentioned a tweet from Sabourin which claimed that she would suffer a miscarriage.

“It feels like there’s nothing we can do to make this stop. I am terrified of her,” Hilaria told the court.

So while Baldwin sheds tears, Sabourin could face up to one year in jail if convicted on 24 counts of harassment and for being a stalker.

By: Anne Sewell


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