Alec Baldwin – Top 5 Moments of Denial

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Alec Baldwin has obviously, to some degree, never considered placid lakes for his life. He likes big, frothy waves and even the occasional 100 footer to knock a boat  below the thrashing waves. Either he’s that good or simply that bad. Baldwin has two sisters who have stated they would never take up acting and of course his four brothers who at some point try out for a movie role, or just a controversial stunt. In this eclectic and eye-opening list discover the top 5 moments of denial by none other, than big bro, Alec Baldwin. The events will not be in chronological order, just interesting instances as reviewed.

Number 1 – Baldwin Shares a Parental Moment

Kids can be annoying, every parent in the world has experienced a moment of it. Ireland Baldwin, the beautiful daughter of ex-wife Kim Basinger and Baldwin received a wake-up call from one angry poppa in 2007. While Ireland has defended her dad, parents around the world didn’t appease to the apology or Baldwin’s initial denial of the issue. Denial was evident during this matter, as Basinger also denied releasing the tape to the press. If anyone missed this what-not-to-do voicemail message, check it out below.

Number 2 – Mike Walker is a Old Queen, States Baldwin

Mike Walker
Mike Walker

Mike Walker of the National Enquirer reported Baldwin was caught screaming at Tina Fey during a 2010 taping of 30 Rock. In natural Baldwin reflex, the loving Hollywood father denied the claim, stating he never did no such thing. In addition, Baldwin spoke to Page Six calling Walker a “goat-footed, wheezy, old queen.” Who’d thought a similar issue of slurs would crop up at a later date?

Number 3 – Baldwin, You Got Mail From the “Dumbest Bastards in the World”

Alec Baldwin - Top 5 Moments of Denial In 2010, Baldwin continued to rack up the mischievous world of denial. On the AOL homepage there was a story regarding a written gesture from Baldwin to actor Jim Parsons. In a birthday card Baldwin called Parsons a “talented, charming bastard.” It appears, to Baldwin this was taken out of context and denied anything remotely outside of the realm humor. Overall, it seems innocent enough, but Baldwin was not happy, especially since he had been a long-time subscriber. Itching to release frustration, Baldwin wrote a response. He stated he would keep AOL despite the content being written by “the dumbest bastards in the world.”

Number 4 – New York Post Feels No Baldwin Love

Alec Baldwin - Top 5 Moments of Denial Consistency is key in the world of Alec Baldwin. In doing so, he certainly misses no race or gender. According to two New York Post reporters, earlier this year, Baldwin was on the attack. Baldwin allegedly called G.N. Miller, a staff photographer and retired NYDP cop a “drug-dealer” and “crack-head.” Additionally, the actor reportedly called Miller a racial slur. The confrontation happened as the parties encountered one another on East Village Street in New York. The worked up actor also grabbed reporter Tara Palmeri by her arm, roughly, allegedly telling the Post writer he wished he could choke her “to death.” Baldwin, naturally denied the allegations and stated it was he who was harassed. To remain properly indignant, Baldwin later stated the claim of him using a racial slur was completely outrageous.

Number 5 – GLAAD Wants Baldwin Out of MSNBC

In the latest drama hitting the Baldwin dreamhouse, GLAAD is not happy with how MSNBC is handling the latest snafu. Baldwin, shockingly, denies he used a homophobic slur against a photographer and didn’t know the word “c**ksucker” was indicative of a slur. MSNBC suspended Baldwin’s show for two weeks over the incident, but GLAAD had more to add. Rich Ferraro, the agency’s CEO applauded MSNBC for their action but aimed at a challenge at Baldwin. Ferraro stated the actor needs to “take real action” to respect the time and efforts of the agency and community. Baldwin did issue an apology as noted below.

Alec Baldwin - Top 5 Moments of Denial

Baldwin Wrap-Up

This list could probably extended to 20 and perhaps even double that number for the instances of denial and issues Baldwin has encountered. He remains in high demand for appearances, shows and obviously networks are willing to give the controversial actor his own time-slot. Baldwin, for years has criticized the Republican party on their stances which makes all of his denial, more ironic. These top 5 moments of denial are merely a glancing of the iceberg that is Alec Baldwin.


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