American Music Awards Roared With Katy Perry’s ‘Geisha’ [Video]

American Music Awards Opened with Katy Perry

At the American Music Awards 2013, the crowd roared with Katy Perry’s “Geisha” performance. Perry’s traditional Japanese dress gathered around her like a princess silhouette surrounded by multicolored dancers waving fans with what looked like authentic ones you would see in Japan. Performers tapped to drums in front of screens made out of rice paper.

Perry arrived on the red carpet wearing a eye-pleasing, strapless black dress. She said that before the Amerian Music Awards she wanted heighten the glamour and pizzazz of the performance, and it truly did make an unforgettable impression. The performance was reminiscent of a Japanese painting with colors rolling like thunder, with the crowd forgetting about time while she sang.  When the performance ended, it was in a cloud of smoke, and Perry evaporated within it.  The drama of it left the crowd happy and anticipatory of what was to come, a reaction that Perry wanted to have.

Perry said she was thrilled to be opening the 41st renowned show at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Dick Clark originally created the American Music Awards to showcase musicians who were serious about performing the art, and ABC broadcasted Perry’s latest single surprising thousands of viewers because she and her troop dressed like Japanese ‘Geisha’ as seen below:

This opening at American Music Awards 2013 was a pivotal one that had to set the stage for the rest of the top music performers during the three hours of entertainment following; it was a roaring time with Katy Perry’s Unconditional “Geisha.’

Just before the show, Perry tweeted: “A clue to the theme of my American Music Awards performance this evening! I will be OPENING the show taking you on a trip!!!” The star updated her own Twitter account on Sunday afternoon. She added a photo of a microphone to leave a hint to her fans where she would be taking them.

Katy Perry has kept her fans in suspense on her Twitter account, unveiling the plans for her international concert series little by little. Her fans must be looking forward to her continuing to roll out dates for the international concert series.  The star plans to tour the globe, and share her new songs as well as bring in some of her former hits.

The brunette star with ocean blue eyes says she does her own tweeting, which she thinks makes the authenticity of the site unusual, and is the primary reason why she has garnered 47 million followers on Twitter, outnumbering the fans on Justin Bieber’s page. Her idea of what Twitter should be about could be why her official page is so popular:

“It’s a whole feed on my personality and fun and things that I find online.”

She admitted that the Twitter page is a responsibility she has taken seriously.  She wants to share what inspires her on a regular basis, rather than promote her music.

It doesn’t look like her Twitter followers would mind if Perry did more of what she roared at the 2013 American Music Awards with her Unconditional ‘Geisha.’

by Danelle Cheney

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