Andy Kaufman Hoax is Nothing New

Andy Kaufman

Although comedian Andy Kaufman died in 1984, the internet was buzzing that not only is he alive, but that he has a daughter.

This past week has been very interesting for the late comedian, as a video surfaced that the performer and entertainer had a 24-year-old daughter, and she stated that he was alive and hiding out. She made an appearance on Monday at the Andy Kaufman Awards in New York City and told the audience that Kaufman worked with her mother on her home business; he would cook at home. Even Kaufman’s brother Michael was seen in the video introducing her, saying he was probably still alive. He said he was handed, by an attendant, a letter reportedly from Andy when he went to a restaurant in 1999.

According to Michael, the letter stated that Andy had faked his whole death to get away from “being Andy Kaufman” and that he had a daughter and a son with his wife and was very happy.

This has resulted in a news outlet that interviewed people who stated that Kaufman is living in Albuquerque:

Unfortunately, Michael Kaufman later stated Thursday that he didn’t know he was part of an elaborate hoax. Michael said that he was not part of the hoax created by the woman, who has been identified as an actress named Alexandra Tatarsky. Michael has also denied another report that he met Tatarsky at an Andy Kaufman exhibit in New York a few months ago.

What has become stranger is that in the interview Michael gave on Thursday, he noted that he was in the hospital when Andy died. He had glanced through Andy’s journals and came on many items the comedian wrote about faking his own death and that he would reappear at the restaurant, prompting his brother to go there. It could have simply been Andy preparing instructions on what to do after he dies.

Even as there are people that believe Kaufman is still alive, there have always been celebrities that people believed faked their own deaths:

Tupac Shakur: The rapper was gunned down in 1996, but there are fans who still believe that he is alive and living in South America. They point to evidence that Tupac was cremated right after his murder so there would be no body and his album released posthumously, The Don Killuminati: The 7-Day Theory, was Tupac’s way of faking his death and going by a new identity.

Elvis Presley: Although “The King” was found by his fiance of a heart attack in 1977, there are some people who believe it was all part of an elaborate hoax. They point to his grave allegedly misspelling his middle name.

Kurt Cobain: The rocker committed suicide in 1994 and there have been people who say they have spotted him at various places in Washington state. The “Cobain being alive theory” gained more attention when, a few months ago, a Virginia Tech student wholeheartedly believed that he was alive.

As long as there is a prominent celebrity that has died, there will always be stories that say otherwise.


By: Renayle Fink

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