Anonymous Informs About November 5th

Anonymous mask
We are many. We are Legion.

Anonymous is an idea. An idea that cannot be stopped. Recently Philippine websites and Australian websites have been defaced due to groups of Anonymous. The reason for such destruction comes as a message from the people, people that want their dissatisfaction to be known. Anonymous would like all to know that if you are unhappy with how things are being managed, the 5th of November is a day for nonviolent protest to unite and present problems that are important to the people, problems that need to be fixed.

In 2005 a movie called V for Vendetta was released. The movie, as seen on the cover, stands for freedom forever. In 1605 an individual went by the name of Guy Fawkes. This individual was apart of a conspiracy to assassinate King James I. Those familiar with the gunpowder plot know that Fawkes was found on the 5th of November. Fawkes was tortured and before his execution on 31 January he jumped from the scaffold he was to be hung from and broke his own neck. Traditionally his effigy is represented through a bonfire burning and firework show. The Anonymous mask is based from his image.

Below you will find a video of an Anon that wishes to inform those interested about a very pressing law in Australia. In the video Anonymous reads a new law proposed by Premier Campbell Newman and explains it in basic terms for all to understand. Anonymous wants to keep freedom in the hands of citizens. “This is what happens when governments pass laws that make people liable, not for what they have done, but for who they associate with. Innocent people get hurt.”

A similar video appeared recently that spoke to the Philippines. This video can also be found below. This video is a bit more threatening and bold than the prior but it stands for the same aspects of keeping the freedom of speech and information in the hands of the people. These two videos are not the only representations of such actions and others of different sorts can be found in various corners of the internet that attempt to keep censorship at a minimum.

Image based forum website 4chan is full of Anonymous and has been discussing the same ideas, ideas that are meant to be remembered on the 5th. Such conversations cannot be shown due the the short life span of most discussions on 4chan and the set up of the website. It is very likely that the topic will continue and continue to appear on the website informing those that wish to know what the 5th is all about. What is being shared is the information on what should be done on this day. Ideally, a nonviolent protest by those that wish to make their dissatisfaction known to the government.

Some are calling the event the “Million Mask March” and claim that you should “Remember remember the Fifth of November!” Any and all that wish to be apart of Anonymous are, they stand as an idea, a group of individuals that will always fight for freedom of information, freedom of speech, and the freedom from censorship. Anonymous wants all to be informed about the upcoming date. The 5th of November shall be remembered by many. Do you intend to remember the 5th of November?


By Garrett Jutte


Brisbane Times

The Sydney Morning Herald


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