Antibiotic Resistance Nightmares are Happening

Antibiotic Resistance Nightmares are Happening

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has started warning the general public about the nightmare of antibiotic resistance that happened during the Foster Farms chicken Salmonella occurrence. Several strains of Salmonella that were found in that outbreak have turned out to be antibiotic resistant. This is a crisis that is in the making.

While it is accurate that the majority of the antibiotic resistant strains in this outbreak are killed by the antibiotics that are used in the front lines against that bacterium, examinations are discovering bacteria which are impervious to drugs are much more likely to be extremely dangerous and hazardous to human beings. That could be the reason why the hospitalization amount in this specific antibiotic resistant outbreak has been about twice the normal amount, and also why the Salmonella septicemia percentage is over three times the ordinary.

The Food Poisoning Bulletin held an interview with Dr. Arjun Srinivasan of the CDC, who stated that humans have very likely reached the end of the antibiotic age. This means that people will find that antibiotics will no longer be effective against such common illnesses such as strep throat, which is caused by Salmonella, or even a wound that has become infected. At least two to three million people come down with severe infections that are now resistant to antibiotics every year in the United States. At least 22,500 of those patients end up dying from their infections. Many more end up passing away because of circumstances that are caused from complications that come from these infections.

The antibiotics abuse in people and also in farming is at least somewhat to blame for this problem. Factory farms of animals use at least 80% of all the antibiotics that are purchased in America. Dr. Srinivasan explained that the more antibiotics which are used on people, or are added to the environment and that are put in various livestock, the more occasions there are to allow for these bacteria to develop into becoming resistant. The FDA has not taken any sort of significant action to diminish this number in the 3 decades since it decided that the antibiotic use in the feed of different farm animals was posing a serious threat to the health of humans. It has only given out voluntary regulation documents that are intended for the farming industry and also manufactures of antibiotics.

It is the substitute healing use of antibiotics in which scientists and doctors are so worried about. Antibiotics are consistently added to farm animal’s food so to help increase their growth rates and to lessen any chance they might have of infection since they usually live in very poor conditions. However, these tiny doses do not always kill some of the bacteria. Therefore, they are then used by those pathogens to develop and build up a resistance against the drugs.

If the end of antibiotics is really here, it is unknown how humans will be able to fight some simple diseases. These antibiotic resistance nightmares are happening and there is no end in sight.

By Kimberly Ruble

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