Apple Inc. Black Friday Specials Include Major One Day Only Event

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Thanksgiving Thursday? Brown Thursday? Apple Inc. is going old-school and knocking out a major one day only event for this Friday. November 29 will mark a major event and it’s best for all consumers to get involved. Apple Inc. is infamous for keeping secrets, but unnamed sources – not so much. It’s time for predictions; what can Apple’s one day specials encompass?

Apple Inc. Special 1: Apple iPad Reduction

If patterns are to be followed here, Apple will be offering a reduction off the newest iPad Air and iPad older generations, available in stores or the Apple site. Don’t be surprised if these specials do not trickle down to carrier prices, it seems Apple is greedily wanting customers to come directly to them. Pricing for the iPads can be reduced as much as $50 – this special is pretty amazing for a company that rarely gives specials.

Special 2: Touch, MacBook Specials

iPod Touch may see a reduced special of $20 or more from the retail price. The MacBook Air’s and Pro’s may see up to $150 off. Rumors suggest $100, but many customers are grumbling over that, because there are student discounts for the same.  Currently, while the specials aren’t mind-blowing, they indicate Apple Inc.’s participation in getting into the swing of the Black Friday specials.

How About iPhones?

Currently, Apple has always been quiet about specials for the iPhones. AT&T was offering 50 percent off the iPhones about a week ago. Within 48 hours the special was dramatically removed and many speculated Apple put the closure to that special. Customers can still receive iPhone specials for this Black Friday weekend:

  • Wal-Mart is offering the iPhone 5S 16GB for $189 on a 2-year contract for new lines or eligible upgrades.  The iPhone 5C is really the best deal for the largest retailer; $45 is all someone will pay. The iPad mini will be reduced down to $299 with a gift-card discount. Visit the retailer for more details.
  • Best-Buy is offering $48 off the iPhone 5C
  • Target is offering $20 off iPhones and an amazing $75 gift card with a purchase of the iPad mini and an additional $100 gift card for any generation, full-sized, iPad.

Apple is notorious for being greedy on the iPhone deals, so it’s not expected the Apple’s one day only event will offer it. Perhaps, the iOS 7 grandmaster will surprise everyone with an incredible special; many are hoping for it, since retailers are offering pretty good discounts.

Apple Inc. Black Friday Specials Include Major One Day Only Event!

Apple Inc. Wrap-Up

Apple running any sort of special is pretty newsworthy. The company is known for their incredible ecology, design and fundamentals. While an iMac can outprice a Windows desktop by several hundred dollars, it’s for good reason. Apple makes incredible, stable and innovative devices. From $20 to $150 off the price is truly a great deal, something Apple fans can agree with. If the one day event is not enough to stand outside, consumers can also visit retail partners; Wal-Mart, Target, Best-Buy and even Radio Shack will have specials available. Keep in mind, when it comes to retailer specials, conditions may apply – including specific plans. If a customer has a grandfathered in unlimited data plan, check with the retailer prior to potentially jeopardizing that plan.

Apple Inc.’s Black Friday specials include a major one day only event and it is sweeping the web, for good reason! From the newest iPad Air, MacBook Pro and iPod Touch, consumers will see a reduction in price on Friday the 29. Excited about the event? Share thoughts in the comments section below.


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3 Responses to "Apple Inc. Black Friday Specials Include Major One Day Only Event"

  1. Jack   November 27, 2013 at 5:17 am

    Apple has been running its Black Friday “events” for as long as I can remember, and the discounts are rarely significant. No news here.

  2. mds   November 27, 2013 at 4:25 am

    Can’t wait to see what happens at the AAPL stores “after” this weekend when Best Buy, WalMart & other discounters are sold out of their loss leader promotions.
    All the reorders will go to AAPL stores for the remainder of the season and the others will be left with only Samsung that nobody wants. They would better serve themselves by selling AAPL at regular price and giving a coupon to use on other things in the store to extend the life of their inventory. There is only so much to go around and AAPL will feed themselves first.

  3. S Brown   November 26, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    Consumers will wise up to the Black Friday deals. Why buy at full price when one can hold off till that magic day. Apple, you are educating the consumers and they will expect this every year. After having a few Apple product upgrades, one should slow down unless there are fantastic deals. I have met many consumers who bought the iPad and not using it a lot. But they still brag about the product just to show that they are the mainstream techies.


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