Ashton Kutcher to Propose to Mila Kunis After Demi Moore Divorce Drama

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In a move that could be called romantic or just tacky, Ashton Kutcher is reportedly ready to propose to girlfriend, Mila Kunis; just a day after finalizing his divorce drama from Demi Moore. A friend close to Kutcher states the Two and a Half Men actor has been considering popping the question for awhile. For those who may have been missing the story over the past couple of years, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane.

Ashton Kutcher Cheats on Demi Moore

Kucther's affair tore his marriage apart
Kucther’s affair tore his marriage apart

In the fall of 2011, Moore was traveling, promoting a new project of hers. The couple would sadly be apart for their sixth anniversary, but it appears one part of the whole, didn’t seem blue.  While the wife was away, Kutcher thought it best for the young hubby to play. Reports surfaced a week later stating that Ashton Kutcher was canoodling in a hot tub with busty, blonde party girl Sara Leal and her friend. Onlookers at the Fluxx nightclub commented that Kutcher was on the prowl with That 70’s Show buddy, Danny Masterson. Needless to say, this event lead to the eventual demise of the marriage, resulting in a bitter and long divorce.

Jackie and Michael Reunite

For fans of the former and very popular sitcom That 70’s Show, Kunis and Kutcher were an on-again, off-again screen couple, Jackie and Kelso. Jackie was a bossy girlfriend, with the clumsy, not-so-bright Michael, called Kelso by his immediate on-screen buds. After Kutcher left the show, it didn’t seem to

Jackie & Kelso reunite
Jackie & Kelso reunite

be the same and Jackie eventually ended up with Fez, after dating Hyde (who is Danny Masterson and was with  Kutcher, the night he cheated on Moore) when the show dropped their final curtain. Now it seems a reuniting of the pair will soon lead to potential nuptials.

Prior to his reconnection with Kunis, Kutcher was allegedly seeing Lorene Scafaria, Rihanna and awkwardly Rumer Willis (although the pair stated, it was to just discuss Moore’s health and catch-up). Kunis and Kutcher remained friends after the closure of That 70’s Show and it appeared things really started heating up late last year between the young couple. Now, after the divorce drama with Moore, it seems Kutcher is now ready to move onto greener (no pun intended) pastures with Kunis and a possible proposal.

…And They Lived Happily Ever After?

Moore is moving on and looking sensational as she resurfaces into the public eye. Kunis and Kutcher have moved in together and friends speculate a wedding is on the horizon. The bitterness that held Moore and Kutcher from signing the divorce papers have seemed to ebb some and it seems Moore is moving on. She owes it to herself to move past the pain and into forgiveness to truly allow herself to heal.

As far as Kutcher and Kuis? The two seem to enjoy vacationing a lot and connecting with one another. Kunis was formerly tied to boyfriend of eight years, Macaulay Culkin, who had his share of issues and problems. This leads many back to Kunis and Kutcher; will they live happily ever after? Kutcher has shown he wasn’t actually a doting husband to ex-wife, Moore. He showed an extra layer of betrayal when he not only cheated on his sexy ex-wife, but he did so on their sixth anniversary.

Can Kutcher prove the mantra “one a cheat always a cheat,” wrong as he strives to reconnect with love, Kunis and marriage? Only time will tell if Kutcher experienced a rash of immature experiences in his previous marriage; and if he will remain committed to his new love. Now that the Demi Moore divorce drama is complete, do you think Ashton Kutcher is ready to propose to Mila Kunis?

Will Mila and Ashton find happily ever after together?
Will Mila and Ashton find happily ever after together?


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