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Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons fullback Jason Snelling has been charged with marijuana possession after a traffic stop at 3:35 a.m. on Friday morning resulted in him being arrested and during which he allegedly attempted to consume a portion of the drug.  According to the Barrow County News, in addition to the violations that precipitated the traffic stop, Snelling, 29, has been cited for having less than one ounce of marijuana as well as for having drug paraphernalia.  Adding to those charges, Snelling faces counts of having an expired license or not having a license, not having insurance or vehicle registration,  inability to stay inside of his lane,  and using a dealer plate improperly.

Snelling’s police report states that police initiated the traffic stop after first noticing that the Lincoln Navigator being driven by Snelling was weaving and unable to stay in the proper lane.  After pulling Snelling over, the police officer noticed “a strong odor of marijuana” coming from the car.  Under questioning, Snelling admitted that earlier in the day he had smoked marijuana at a friend’s house.  He also alerted police to the existence of a grinder, a device used to separate marijuana, in the console of his vehicle.  The metal grinder was discovered where Snelling indicated it would be, and a small amount of marijuana was found inside.

White speaking with Snelling, another officer noticed that Snelling was swallowing over and over again, prompting the officer to ask him to show the officer the inside of his mouth.  After Snelling opened his mouth, the officer saw that there were pieces of a green leafy substance inside.  When asked about the green particles, Snelling denied having eaten marijuana.  He was driven to the Barrow County Detention Center at 4:20 a.m and booked.  He later posted bond and was released.  This is Snelling’s first arrest, and it is not known whether he is enrolled in the substance abuse program of the NFL.

The Atlanta Falcons released a statement regarding their fullback being arrested reading, “”We are aware of the situation concerning Jason Snelling and are in the process of gathering additional information.  Because this is an ongoing legal matter, we will have no further comment at this time.”

Snelling a seventh round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons, was not in practice on Friday, and appears on the injury report with a non-injury related/knee injury.  His status for the game on Sunday is questionable, although Mike Smith, the coach of the Falcons, has kept other players with legal problems active.  The legal problems ranged from drunk driving to marijuana possession.

Snelling’s stats indicate that he is not a vital part of Atlanta’s offense, having rushed only 36 times for a total of 132 yards and one touchdown eight games into the season.  In addition, he has caught passes for 159 yards and two touchdowns.  With a record of 2-7, news that their fullback has been arrested only adds to the woes of the Atlanta Falcons and their fans, who are surely struggling for any reason to find positivity in their team’s losing season.
By Jennifer Pfalz
Lindy’s Sports

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