Bashar al-Assad: A Villain but Is He the Only One?

Bashar al-Assad A Villain but Not Is He the Only One

Bashar al-Assad is being made to carry all the blame for all that’s going wrong in Syria. The Syrian president is no saint but it is a bit presumptuous to say he is responsible for everything going wrong in the country. There was a chemical attack on the populace of Syria in August and Bashar al-Assad got all the blame. Definitely a villain he is but in a war situation, there has to be other evil forces at play.

A dictatorship cannot and should not be encouraged. Anyone who loves freedom would not in his/her right mind support any form of dictatorship government. However, in the case of Syria, there seems to be a universally overwhelming zeal to jump on the Bashar al-Assad-bashing wagon. The consequence of this is that the other perpetrators go scot free.

Take a good look at his rise to power. He went to and graduated from a Syrian based medical school and pursued his medical career even further in London. Bear in mind he wasn’t even the heir apparent to succeeding his father. He only returned to Syria after the death of his brother who was the heir apparent. He certainly does not fit into the model of a typical dictator if the model exists.

It all began with the Arab-spring in early 2011. Bashar al-Asaad violently quelled an uprising in his country of people who wanted him out of power. It is difficult to argue that any peaceful protest should ever be dealt with violently. So he was wrong there, definitely. Picture a group of people who want Barack Obama out of power matching towards the white house with stones and sticks. The police would not exactly be a peace loving bunch, they wouldn’t be handing out bottles of water to the protesters. The protesters  would very likely get shot. Syria might not be the most habitable of countries in the word and the people are probably right to demand a change of government after having the al-Asaad dynasty in power since the 70’s.

Going back to the use of chemical weapons against his own people. Here’s where it gets interesting. A British defence contractor, Britam, was hacked in January this year and email files showed a transaction to supply chemical arms to the Syrian rebels in a deal backed by Washington. Well, chemical weapons were then used a few months later. Surprise, surprise, the Syrian government was blamed and the media has not aired any opinion from al-Asaad. All we’ve been told is ‘he did it’. It all just looks a bit too convenient. Are the rebels a band of angels or just simply innocent freedom fighters? The rebels are backed by the west and the Arab league. So don’t they have access to these weapons and money to pull of some pretty dastardly acts?

The Syrian government are not innocent but isn’t the continuous bashing and blaming of Bashar al-Assad for every single act of terror in a war situation pointing to the fact that some very powerful forces behind the scenes are being less than honest? Surely Bashar al-Assad, though a villain can’t be the only one.


By Olajide Jatto



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