New York Giants Won’t Be a Cinderella Team This Year

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Every year, it was expected that the New York Giants would creep up and make the playoffs.

But with their 24-21 loss to division rival Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants won’t be a Cinderella team this year. They usually come back after a sluggish start, but the Giants are probably going to miss the playoffs for the second straight year. There are quite a few reasons for that.

For one, well, the Giants started off the season 0-6. That really isn’t the way to get to the playoffs, or even the top of their division. Then they won their next four straight, and people thought that this was their comeback like they always do around this time of year. But, alas, it was not meant to be. The Giants are now third in the NFC East standings, and with six games left, it will be hard to make up any ground. They still have to play two against the Washington Redskins and the NFC leader Seattle Seahawks.

One of the New York Giants players guaranteed a victory today. Cornerback Terrell Thomas predicted his team would beat the Cowboys on Friday. That should never happen. Anytime someone predicts a victory over a team, it will be found out by said team, and they will make sure it does not happen.

Another reason the New York Giants won’t be a Cinderella team this year is that they have just not been scoring. To win football games, a team must score more points than their opponent. The Giants have been horrible at that this season. In their seven losses, they have only scored 192 points while their opponents have scored a ridiculous 256 points off of them. Their worst loss was a 38-0 pounding by the Carolina Panthers in Week Three. The defense, which had been good at keeping opponents from scoring, has been hampered with lots of injuries this year. Add to the fact that they’re missing key players on offense, including wide receiver Hakeem Nicks today, that is something that can be understood. But the hope would be that the secondary could step up even more. The Giants shouldn’t have these mood swings of winning a few games, losing many more, then winning the rest to end up above .500. Consistency is the key.

Eli Manning hasn’t stepped up during this season. It’s not good when he is leading the league in interceptions this year at 17, and there are still six weeks to go. He is known to make comebacks happen, but he hasn’t been able to this season. Sure, in the playoffs, he comes out and completes passes and wins games. But these interceptions are killing him, and he has only thrown 12 touchdowns. It could be because he doesn’t have his regular receivers to throw to, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t miss people to throw to.

Well, although the New York Giants won’t be a Cinderella team this year, they can try for the next season. Or better yet, why not just get some defense, offense, even a new quarterback. Sometimes, waiting too long is a little too late.

By Renayle Fink

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  1. Rebecca Montes   November 24, 2013 at 11:27 pm

    No we do not play the Cowboys again and Geno Smith leads the league with 18 interceptions…. Get your facts straight before you write a story!


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