Oakland Coliseum – Woman Jumps 45 Feet and Lands on Man

The coliseum is the site where a man saved the life of a woman today.

Oakland Coliseum was the scene of a near death experience for a woman today. Officials said that a woman jumped from the third deck of the stadium down to the second deck, and were it not for aman who shielded her fall with his body, many are certain the woman would not have survived.

According to Sgt. J.D. Nelson, a woman decided that she was going to jump off of the third deck of the Oakland Coliseum down a full level to the second deck. A man and a friend who apparently saw the woman as she prepared to jump, pleaded with the woman not to jump. The woman, despite their pleas decided to jump, and it is at that point that the man managed to position himself and break her fall with his body.

The woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition, and the man was take to receive medical attention for less serious injuries. The Oakland Raiders managed to lose their game against the Titans 23-19.

By Daniel Worku

LA Times


San Jose Mercury


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  1. Mo   November 24, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    It’s great to know that the Raiders “managed” to lose that particular game, lol!

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