Black Friday Deals: Get the Best of the Deals on the Market

Black FridayBlack Friday is almost here and there are plenty of companies with offers. Whether you’re looking for a new Smartphone or you’re looking for a new TV, there will be something for you. The trick is to getting the best of all the Black Friday deals on the market. This requires some strategic planning and preparation.

So many people will queue outside for hours on end, just waiting for the stores to open, but you really do not need to. The deals online are just as good—if not better—as those in the store. You can do your checking from the comfort of your own home and not ruin your Thanksgiving hoping that you score the items you want at the lowest price.

The internet will also be up and running throughout the day. Some websites may struggle, that’s to be expected on Black Friday, but most will be there whenever you want to update yourself on the latest offerings. You will also find out when the hourly specials and on-the-day discounts are posted.

You could set up a Google alert for the item that you desperately want. Every time it is indexed in a Google search, you will be alerted straight to your emails, so there is less of a need to stay on the computer all day.

Think that you’ll be able to get one of the latest gadgets in store? The chances are slim. Everyone wants those when it comes to this day of the year. To get the best deals on the Black Friday market, you need to keep an eye out and be one of the first through the door at opening time. Stores simply don’t have the stock for everyone but they will place similar products nearby to convince you to buy them instead.

There is the fear that you will miss out on the deal and end up buying the product that is a second, third or maybe tenth choice. Watch out for falling for this trick and wait out. There are other deals throughout the year and Cyber Monday is just around the corner. Walmart is offering a raincheck deal. The products are only guaranteed to be in stock for an hour but when it is out of stock, you can get the raincheck deal and get it for the same price any time before Christmas Day.

Keep price matching policies in mind. Many stores are competing with Amazon to offer the best deals this year. They want your money, after all. However, don’t forget that Amazon often put free shipping on when it comes to Black Friday and have other shipping deals.

Walmart is offering the price match, even after you buy the product. If you find it cheaper after purchasing, you can email the company and you will get that difference on a gift card. Amazon has also promised to match Walmart’s prices.

Be prepared and do some planning. Remember, the internet is your friend when it comes to shopping. You can get the best Black Friday deals on the market this year without ruining Thanksgiving.

By Alexandria Ingham

Black Friday

Daily Press

Los Angeles Times

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