Amy Robach Mastectomy Led to Second Tumor Found

Amy RobachGood Morning America presenter, Amy Robach, went under the knife for a double mastectomy. It was a questionable procedure at first but it has undoubtedly saved her life. Robach’s mastectomy has led to the finding of a second malignant tumor hidden away.

Robach is not the only star to have a double mastectomy for breast cancer. Sharon Osbourne, wife of Ozzy Osbourne had one a few years ago and, after finding out about a family link, Angelina Jolie chose to have one as a precautionary measure. Robach opted for the aggressive approach to make sure the whole tumor was gone and her life was safer and it was definitely lucky that she did.

The 40-year-old correspondent has explained how the tumor had never been picked up before. She has had various sonograms, mammograms and MRIs but this deadly growth was never spotted. Without the surgery, it would have grown larger and may have been impossible to remove by the time it was spotted.

According to her co-worker, Robin Roberts, she was not originally going to be screened, something many women probably decide against for various reasons. Maybe the worrying factor was that it was on-air. It was Roberts who pushed Robach to take the step and it was a good thing, too. Not only did help her but it will have pushed many women to take that first step to have a possible cancerous tumor diagnosed. The results were given in private, though.

Robach’s mastectomy was never going to be the end of the road but the finding of the second tumor has meant more aggressive treatment. However, it is not going to stop her from returning to work as planned and will be back on the TV screens from December 2. She is reportedly excited to get back to her work.

Women from the age of 40 are recommended to be screened for breast cancer regularly. However, everyone finds a reason to put it off. It could be work and family, like it was for Robach, or it could be the fear of finding out the truth. Breast cancer remains the second most common cancer in women and the biggest killer out of all cancers out there. Many of these deaths are linked to it not being found soon enough or hiding on the mammograms, like what happened to Robach.

Robach is now surrounded by her family and close friends and says that it is overwhelming but she is grateful. While it has been a physical and emotional journey, she states that she has a “greater appreciation for life.” She is looking at life completely differently since her diagnoses but it is something that she is thankful for.

Robach hopes that by going public about the finding of the second tumor during her mastectomy, more people will get screened. It is a devastating diagnosis but the earlier cancer is found, the more chance there is for survival. It does go to show that cancer can affect anyone, celebrity or not.

By Alexandria Ingham

The Guardian

USA Today

National Cancer Institute

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  1. Mr. Lee Smythe   November 24, 2013 at 7:19 am

    Amy, we are ALL rootin for you……

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