Brazil Stadium Collapses Killing Three

brazil, stadium, world cupA collapsed crane in Brazil at the Itaquerao Stadium in Sao Paulo kills three people. The crane fell on a metal structure which in return, destroyed parts of a stand. The arena was said to be completed by the end of this year. Brazil stated they are having trouble preparing all 12 venues for the Fifa deadline.

Parts of the stand where the crane fell were damaged. The crane also hit a LED panel that was just outside the venue. Three deaths were reported but rescue teams are searching the site for more victims. A statement from Corinthians stated they deeply regret the accident. Corinthians was the club that was going to be moved in to the stadium. The Fifa President claims he is ‘saddened’ by the deaths caused from the accident.

Brazil’s Odebrecht company stated the arena was nearly 95 percent ready. This will put a set back on the plans to finish by the end of this year. This stadium was one of six that were not yet ready for the World Cup. A big delay on the preparations came from the protests from the public about how the money is being spent. It was said that Brazil may have to work around the clock if they want things ready for the tournament.

As the last part of the roof was being put in to place until it crashed on the east side stands from the crane. The construction company working for the arena reported two confirmed deaths but officials claim there could be up to four dead.

There had been television footage showing the twisted metal on the ground amongst the debris. This Brazil stadium cost roughly £218 million and is nearly eight months late. The completion of this project was scheduled for March. This stadium was created to seat 65,000 people for the tournament. The tournament is scheduled for next summer and will host six games.

Of all the stadiums, six were to be given to Fifa by December 20th. The other six have been delivered earlier this year to be used for the Confederations Cup. This devastating accident could put a big delay on the delivery of this stadium. The construction company will be working vigorously to complete this stadium in time for the tournaments.

The public is devastated with this tragedy, not only for the deaths but for the almost completed stadium being destroyed. Though the progress on this Brazil stadium was more advanced than the others, it is unknown whether construction will restore the stadium in time for their deadline with Fifa. The workers are planning to pull ‘all-nighters’ and work at a fast pace in order to complete the stadium in time. All that is left to do now is pick up the pieces and begin building again.

The public hopes Fifa will understand this disaster and perhaps extend the deadline for the completed stadium. There is still hope that the Brazil stadium will be completed in time for the World Cup Tournaments. Reports are still coming in as to whether there were more than just those three deaths.

By Anjulina MaComber





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