Brittany Murphy and Karla Alvarez: Death and Accusation of Eating Disorders

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy and Karla Alvarez have both been accused of suffering from eating disorders and have both died early. Murphy, dead at 32 and Alvarez, dead at 41 have been under accusations of self destruction as their health is partly blamed for their deaths.

Murphy’s initial report stated death by pneumonia and anemia. However with recent developments showing that this may not have been the case suspicions of misdirected branding are unearthed. Is this now the same with Alvarez?

A man claiming to be Karla Alvarez’s husband came forward after she was found claiming that her death was not caused by respiratory failure but rather that she choked to death. The man also claims that he was there at the time. However others have pointed him out to be a fraud.

With both Brittany Murphy and Karla Alvarez, there seems to be a piece of the story missing and instead of getting to the bottom of their deaths, which both appear to have an air of mystery, their has been an unjust marks upon their reputations. Their early deaths have been stitched onto accusations of eating disorders and ill health and from there left to simmer.

Brittany Murphy

Before Brittany Murphy died she stated that she was scared for her life but was mocked by others and perceived as delirious. With new reports of metal poisoning being looked into that were overlooked previously, it makes us question whether Karla Alvarez’s cause of death is also incorrect. Especially as the man claiming to be her husband has now retracted his statement saying that they were in fact only friends. Her fans have begun to question what else this man has been lying about, like how the star actually died.

Family to Brittany Murphy have repeatedly dismissed accusations that she had an eating disorder and were pushing for investigations to be reopened. They said they knew there was something more to her death, particularly when her husband died so soon afterwards with a similar diagnosis.

Proof of Karla Alvarez battling with alcoholism, anorexia and bulimia is reported to have been provided. These type of problems, similar to those Brittany Murphy was assigned, make it easy to explain sudden death. However with the appearance of a man pretending to be her husband stating this was not how she died, whether he is to blame or not, it highlights how easily the fault fell upon her eating disorder.

Brittany Murphy

It becomes obvious with stars like Brittany Murphy and Karla Alvarez that people lay guilt erroneously upon what they do not understand. Stating that an eating disorder has played a role in their deaths is simple, rather than uncovering what really happened. The events that lead up to Murphy and Alvarez’s deaths both have an underlying suspicious air hooked to them. Whether or not the whole truth will ever be uncovered is unknown. With recent developments on the case of Brittany Murphy only just being exposed and only because her father would not believe the conclusions about her death, it makes us wonder how many years will pass before any developments will be made about the suspicious death of Alvarez.

Brittany Murphy and Karla Alvarez were both taken before their time and have both had their reputations tarnished with accusations like that of an eating disorder being a factor that influenced their deaths. If there are other external influences as to how they died, we can only hope that investigators will reach the truth and deliver justice for these greatly cherished stars.

By Melissa McDonald