Brittany Murphy Died at the Hands of Government, Says Friend

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Four years ago, the entertainment industry mourned the death of 32-year-old Brittany Murphy. Several months later, Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack died of similar symptoms. Many painted a picture of overdoses or illness, yet Murphy’s father has fought allegations of anything outside of murder. Now, Murphy’s close friend, Julia Davis is stepping into the spotlight to offer a darker reason behind the untimely death of the young starlet. Davis suggests Murphy’s life was ended by the hands of the government, after Murphy sued the agency for falsifying information.

Julia Davis’ Tie to Brittany Murphy

Hollywide Life shared information by Davis that pointed a sinister picture of surveillance and government targeting. Critics can contest to this claim and call Davis

Davis plan on revealing the truth
Davis plans on revealing the truth

and Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, crazy but the actions up to the time of Murphy’s death is a strange tale. Davis and Murphy were friends while Davis was employed with Homeland Security. She is now an investigative reporter and National Security expert. During her time with Homeland Security, Davis advised she stumbled upon dark information (a flaw in the system that allowed terrorists access into the country, without anyone being aware of it) in the agency and blew the whistle.

Ever since that time, Davis states the agency started targeting her for invalid investigations. In addition, friends and family were placed under surveillance. Davis states Homeland Security named Murphy in a document, stating she advised agents Davis was working with her on a movie, instead of working her government shift. Both Davis and Murphy fought the allegation, calling it false. Murphy brought in her attorney’s and Davis stated that’s when it went all to hell. The agency started following Murphy and placed her and Monjack under consistent surveillance. Murphy and Monjack both took to the press to discuss how they felt “watched” but were brushed off. Did Murphy’s death come at the hands of the government, as Davis alleges?

The Cause of Death Results of Brittany Murphy

A coroner in 2009 concluded the cause of death to drug intoxication and pneumonia. A claim Murphy’s father vehemently fought against. He had stated his daughter was not a drug addict and was not sick until a sudden onset.

Bertolotti instincts lead to a shocking discovery
Bertolotti’s instincts lead to a shocking discovery

Monjack supported his father-in-law’s claims while battling grief. In a turn of shocking events, Monjack passed just five months later – the coroner once again faulting pneumonia. Bertolotti was enraged and took every legal avenue to find the truth regarding his daughter’s death.

With a father’s strong love and need for truth, Bertolotti sued the coroner’s office to acquire the samples for an independent test. A case that had been closed for three years suddenly roared back to life when an astounding conclusion was discovered. The Carlson Company ran the tests and discovered Murphy’s body was saturated with high levels of aluminum, manganese, barium and other various metals. Metals that were never noted during the original cause of death, causing many critics to now back the claims of a grieving father and Davis.

Speculation and Sadness Surrounding the Death of Brittany Murphy

The speculation will continue for years to come. Was Murphy the target of government “spooks” as her father has been saying for years? Davis finally stepped from the shadows to provide a dark twist of a sad death three years ago. Murphy was a rising star, working in movies like 8 Mile and Sin City.  For years, conspiracy theorists have been pointing fingers at a darker end for many stars who suddenly die young due to drug overdoses. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse and dozens more have perished from, what coroners attribute, drug overdoses.

Will the newest and latest report from the Carlson Company begin an unraveling of a spider web of deceit and intricate fabrications from the government? Davis is certain her former employer played a significant role in the death of her friend. Have an opinion or thought on this? Think Brittany Murphy died at the hands of the government, as Davis states? Comment below.


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