Brittany Murphy’s Death Has Father Puzzled, Was Brittany Murphy Murdered?

brittany murphy
Brittany Murphy’s untimely death has her father wanting answers

Brittany Murphy’s father is still puzzled about her death to this day. He is insisting on reopening the investigation with the notion that Murphy was possibly murdered. This young actress was at the ripe young age of 32 when she passed away back in 2009. Brittany is well known for many movies including ‘Uptown Girls’ and ‘Clueless’. The cause of Ms. Murphy’s death was said to be a mix of prescription drug intoxication, anemia, and pneumonia. Why is her death still puzzling people after 4 years?

Murphy’s father claims there are ‘potential witnesses’ who apparently weren’t ever questioned during the time of his daughter’s death. The public can see his frustrations when during the time of her death, there was no proper investigation. Her death was presumably stemmed from ‘natural causes’ but according to her father something doesn’t add up. Angelo Bertolotti, Brittany’s father, is convinced that Brittany was murdered those 4 years ago.

In a lab report Angelo ordered, there were traces of metals in her hair. These metals including Barium are found in rat poison. Angelo insisted on Good Morning America that he already knows it was murder. He claims that he knows it is poison. Several times he met with Chief Coroner Ed Winter discussing the autopsy of Brittany and the ruling of her death.

Natural causes aren’t a satisfying ruling for the cause of Murphy’s death according to her father. He knows there is something bigger behind what really happened. Why would there be an untimely passing of this young healthy actress due to natural causes? Angelo is hoping he will get some answers and will stop at nothing until he discovers the real reason behind her death.

There has been countless times where Murphy’s father questioned the Los Angeles Police Department about their lack of an investigation with his daughter’s death. Angelo has insisted they should conduct toxicology tests but the police department failed to do so. He also suggested to the court that ‘chronic arsenic poisoning is sometimes misdiagnosed as anemia.’  During the investigation the police failed to interrogate multiple witnesses which is why he is speaking out against the police department. Angelo claims his daughter’s death was inaccurately determined and they should reopen the investigation. The LAPD have yet to comment on Angelo’s allegations but a source claims they stand by their reports.

There would be more people supporting Angelo’s theory if Brittany’s husband didn’t pass away 5 months after her untimely passing at the age of 40 due to similar circumstances. This gives the PD an advantage to their theory of her passing due to natural causes. Angelo is said to have a privet investigation working on his daughter’s death and according to Angelo, there are already a couple suspects. With the help of a family friend, Julia Davis, the family is hoping to finally put the mystery of her death to rest. Although Brittany Murphy’s death still has her father puzzled, Angelo is hopeful he will find out if Murphy was in fact murdered. With a few supporters on his side, he feels he is close to finding some peace with his daughter’s untimely death.


By: Anjulina MaComber

Entertainment Wise

NY Daily News