Bulls Again Have to Live Without Derrick Rose

Bulls star Derrick Rose is once again out with a knee injury after tearing his meniscus.
Bulls star Derrick Rose is once again out with a knee injury after tearing his meniscus.

The Chicago Bulls have to be getting used to life without their star Derrick Rose. After going through last season with Rose on the bench with a torn ACL, the anticipation for his return buzzed through the basketball world throughout the offseason.

And then Derrick Rose once again put on his Bulls uniform and his team was in the thick of playoff contention through the first ten games of the NBA season. Putting up 15.9 points per game, Rose was back to his role as the focal point of the Bulls attack.

Then the Chicago Bulls and their fans had an awful moment of deja vu in the third quarter of a game against the Portland Trailblazers, Derrick Rose once again left with a knee injury.

Although it is not as serious this time, Rose has been diagnosed with a torn right meniscus, the injury substantially derails the momentum of Rose’s comeback. Now the Chicago Bulls will have to once again make due without the services of their best player.

Despite losing Derrick Rose for an indefinite period of time, the Chicago Bulls are still in a position to make the playoffs. They are the top rebounding team in the NBA, something that bodes well for their being able to weather the storm until he once again comes back.

Plus at just 25 years old, the odds are pretty good that Derrick Rose can recover quickly enough to return for at least the playoffs this year. The downside is that with a history of injury problems of late, he may be reluctant to play the style of ball that has made him so successful while on the court throughout his career.

Last year without Derrick Rose the Bulls were able to win 45 games and make it all the way to the second round of the playoffs after upsetting the Nets. Should they make the playoffs again this year and get Rose back for the playoffs, it is possible the Bulls could still contend for a trip to the NBA Finals.

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