Casual Sex App ‘Bang with Friends’ Changes Name to ‘Down’

A look at the casual sex app Down (previously Bang WIth Friends)
Colin Hodge, CEO and co-founder of the app Bang With Friends has announced that the casual sex hookup app has changed names to simply Down. After a number of issues, Hodge and associates have had no choice but to make the casual sex app sound more socially acceptable.

Hodge has experienced a number of problems getting his app going, which is to be expected considering the content of the app. The app made it to the Apple store but not for long, just ten days after the mobile launch the app was taken down due to objectionable content. The app has now been renamed and will return to the apple store under a different name. The app can also be obtained on Android devices.

Bang With Friends also ran into trouble with Zynga, the powerhouse of casual games on social networks. Zynga is responsible for games such as FarmVille, ChefVille, and Words With Friends. Zynga actually has a number of games with the tag With Friends in the title which is exactly what the company didn’t like about Hodge’s app.

Zynga won the lawsuit against Hodge and his associates and as a result the app has changed its name to something much more accepted; simply, Down. No longer will people be asking to bang, but to get down, which to some might simply be hanging out. If people meet over this app and become nothing more than friends there is nothing wrong with that. The point of the app is to bring people together and have a good time. How they decide to do that is up to them.

The premise of the app is pretty easy to understand. Once you have the app you can look through your Facebook friends and if any of them also have the app then you can anonymously pick people you would like to talk to and possibly hook up with. If the other person also picks you then the two of you will be notified. At that point the app works as a chat system where the two of you can talk. If anything is to happen at that point it is entirely up to the individuals in the situation.

Hodge tried his best to keep Bang With Friends alive. He even drove to the headquarters of Apple to try to speak with someone and hopefully reach a new conclusion. Hodge stated that his plan didn’t work as well as he had hoped. “This didn’t work for us, it only resulted in threats to call the police.” Hodge and associates have rolled with the punches and have managed to keep their app alive. It has recently even seen a visual update that looks pretty smooth.

Is casual sex real? Totally. Do we live in a technological age where people can use an app on their phone to find someone to get down with? Yes. To some, this may seem scary but before you start praising the old days know that this is to be expected. For those in the United States of America freedom surrounds us entirely. You are not forced to use this app or even talk about it and those that do use it don’t even have to use it for casual sex, if two like-minded people decide they would rather be friends or simply not act in a sexual manner than that is their choice and privilege. The app has changed its name to something non-offensive that everyone can accept. Down is set to stay available on Android devices and the Apple store.


Editorial by Garrett Jutte


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