Charles Manson Might Be Getting Married

Charles Manson Might Be Getting Married

Charles Manson might be getting married. At least that is what one of his biggest fans is saying.

The hypothetical fiancée, who is known only by the name “Star”, stated to Rolling Stone magazine that she and Manson are going to get married. The 25-year-old woman has shaved all the hair from her head and engraved an X into her forehead at Manson’s request. All this has come out in a new story that Rolling Stone has done over the tarnished madman who is forever behind bars.

Charles Manson is an infamous murderer. However, that or being age 79 does not stop him from spending hours each weekend with the young woman. Star said that she began writing letters to Charles Manson when she was 19. She explained how she became enraptured with Manson’s environmental position, which he calls ATWA. That stands for air, trees, water, and air. She saved up all her extra money and in 2007, she moved to Corcoran, CA in order to be closer to Manson where he was serving out a life sentence at the Corcoran State Prison.

Manson himself gave a different story. He informed Rolling Stone that what she said was garbage. He explained they were just doing it for public attention. What he did say about her that could be taken as a compliment… sort of… was when he spoke the name “Star” during a succession of peculiar and drawn-out conversations. He stated that she was not a woman but a star in the Milky Way.

Star, who said she got the name from Manson, runs a website dedicated to Manson.  She comes from a small town that is located near the Mississippi River, was raised by married parents who called themselves Baptists and she wants to have conjugal visits with Charles MansonCharles Manson

He was the lead of the Manson family. It was a cult that he created in the late 1960’s in California. He thought that a race war was going to occur, and he conceived a series of horrific murders in an attempt to provoke that war. Manson, along with his supporters, was convicted in 1969 of numerous murders, including the killing of actress Sharon Tate.

Star has words for anyone who thinks what she is doing is wrong. She knows that people believe she is irrational, maybe even possibly insane. She says they do not know what is right for her. She was “born to marry Charles Manson”.

The disturbing couple is allowed to only have a kiss at the beginning and the end of their visits. These occur on most weekends usually around five hours each day. She makes him gift boxes filled with clothes, snacks and guitar strings. He certainly always seems to enjoy receiving them from her, along with the attention, however little physical that might be. They are constantly under the prison guards supervision. Inmates that have been served with life sentences are not permitted to have conjugal visits.

Another chilling thing about all this is that Star bears a striking similarity to Susan Atkins. Atkins was one of Charles Manson’s utmost maniacal followers.

Susan Atkins

She died in prison back in 2009, and partook in eight of the nine murders that were committed by Manson and his cult during the summer of 1969. This included Tate’s murder.

But Star exclaims adamantly that she is nothing likes Atkins.

Nothing that is except the Charles Manson obsession.


By Kimberly Ruble

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