Caffeine in Coffee Beans: a Natural Herbal Therapy

Caffeine in coffee as a natural healer

Caffeine, in a natural source like coffee beans, can be very beneficial for your health naturally if used wisely.  Not only does it help many people perk up in the morning, it has a beneficial way of perking up your blood vessels as well.  Past research has proven that a moderate usage of the beverage can help with cardiovascular health.  Although many scientists do not know the exact reason as to why it seems to give such a health benefit, but of course that is the case with many herbal therapeutics.  This is why we need more research to be done when dealing with green medicine such as the caffeine in coffee beans in order to be a productive natural herbal therapy.

Although, it does seem this study was rather small.  We really need something a lot more detailed in order to get more precise results in regards to most research studies.  The study only involved 27 people who did not regularly drink coffee.  The researchers in Japan, Tsutsui and his colleagues, had the participants drink five ounces of either regular with caffeine for the test group, or decaffeinated for the control group.  The participants then had their left index fingers measured for reactive hyperaemia, in order to figure out how well the vascular function in the blood vessels worked.  Then, two days later, the researchers repeated the same procedure with a different brand of coffee.

The findings from the small Caffeine study resulted in a 30% increase in vascular function compared to the control group.  This means that the participants blood pressure raised slightly but decreased in the index finger, although their heart rates stayed the same.

Sure the benefit of caffeine is not only in coffee, but it is also in energy drinks (at very high levels) and other caffeinated drinks.  The one thing that is extremely important to remember though, is that if your sensitive to caffeine you should not be fiddling with such things that could ultimately have a negative affect on your health, instead of a benefit.  One safer way to obtain caffeine in smaller amounts would be to drink green teas.  These natural plant leaves do carry a smaller caffeine content than coffee does, along with other beneficial health benefits.  If you talk to a well-trained, and certified herbalist, they can give you better options if you are looking for a lighter dosage of caffeine for your health.

What is interesting is how the chemical that is derived from caffeine called zanthene derivatives, that is given to patients with failing hearts in intensive care, but keep in mind for those of you who drink five to six cups or more a day, this can have a negative affect and even give one heart palpitations.  So, yes this an interesting medicine to harness if used appropriately and according to researchers, it may also be another way to help heart disease patients.

There is also another trend that people may think is perfectly safe, but in the end does have some serious medical concerns, especially when abused.  There is the variety of caffeine pills that people can buy at most vitamin and supplement stores.  These pills have caffeine derived from coffee, and many other sources in order to make the strength desired.  There are some reports of improved performance, but it gives a nasty punch in the end with chronic fatigue problems.  Runners seem to like it for a final boost, but as for other exercise regimes, most do not recommend it’s usage.

By Tina Elliott

USA Today





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