Charlie Sheen Denied Right to See His Two Sons

Charlie Sheen Denied Right to See His Two Sons

Sometimes we think that these turbulent situations happen only to us, but the former star of the American television sitcom Two and a Half Men himself shows us that Charlie Sheen, denied right to see his two sons, indeed knows what it’s like to suffer like one of us.

Hollywood or not, things seem to come to Charlie Sheen in twos. This latest Charlie Sheen saga resonates with irony, that what used to be Two and a Half Men, now turns into two sons and broken man. What’s further ironic is the twosome of Charlie Sheen’s two ex-wives. Denise Richards (m. 2002-2006) and Brooke Mueller (m. 2008-2011), both whom currently share in the mothering of Charlie’s twins because after neither of the boys’ biological parents proved able to care for the boys, the rearing then defaulted to Denise.  Allegedly, Charlie Sheen’s heavy work schedule would have required that he bring the boys onto the set, and Brooke Mueller was expected at rehab.

With Denise Richards seemingly teaming up with Charlie Sheen, he asserts how smart she is to take photographs of the boys, before they leave her house and when they return from their time with Brooke. Charlie Sheen has had serious concerns about his small boys and their visits with Brooke.

To point out what a terrible mother Brooke is, Charlie stated that Brooke had gone to rehab twice while pregnant with the twins, and that currently, based on research he has done, his boys are displaying characteristics of fetal alcohol syndrome. He has said that the best way to describe Brooke’s house is as a house of horrors and that the boys return from there completely incorrigible and out of control.

Charlie Sheen stated that he pays “the clown” (Brooke Mueller) $55,000 a month in child support and that he had a forensics accountant go in and they discovered that only $2,000-3,000 were going to the kids.

One may be wondering exactly how these complaints might culminate in Charlie Sheen being denied the right to see his own two sons. Now the plot thickens. On November 1, Charlie Sheen turned to the media, TMZ, to blast Brooke Mueller, and to Twitter, to tweet derogatorily about the LA Department of Children and Family Services overseeing the messy case of this family matter.


And today, November 2, within 24 hours of that interview, somebody seemed to have it in for Charlie Sheen, and apparently proved it.

Allegedly, someone within the Department of Children and Family Services with power, and large ego, flexed some muscle and quickly arranged it so that Charlie Sheen was denied rights to see his two sons, 4½ year-old twins Bob and Max, whom he sought to protect when this same DCFS supposedly ignored all the signs of child abuse. Speculation is that this happened to Charlie because his unsettled fear and frustration, and that no one was hearing him: that his boys appeared to be in danger with the notorious alcoholic and drug user, Brooke Mueller. Made him run his mouth, loud and clear, and say things that not even the established gag order in this case could prevent him from saying.

Surely, at present Charlie Sheen must be regretting speaking out about the dangers he genuinely feels his boys are in, because what came from it is the bombshell: Charlie Sheen denied right to see his two sons.

Or does he regret it?

As a parent with that deep of a conviction about the safety and care of his two small offspring, the answer might be no, Charlie Sheen doesn’t regret speaking his mind, and that the only thing Charlie Sheen does regret is being denied right to see his two sons.

Stay tuned, as these two current chapters in the life of Charlie Sheen are sure to bring more news to this story.

By Christina L. Ibbotson

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  1. margie   March 2, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    he should be able to see his sons

  2. TruthHurts   November 4, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Oh boo hoo hoo for Charlie Sheen who was again denied the right to see his kids. He worships money, porn stars, and drugs more than his family. LOSING.

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