Child Killer Wants to Save a Life While Losing His (UPDATE)

Ronald Phillips Wants Organs Donated

Child Killer, Ronald Phillips, Wants to Donate His Organs Convicted child killer is on his last days of death row and has requested that his organs be donated to his mother and sister. His execution is set for this week. In 1993 Ronald Phillips was convicted of taking a life and 20 years later wants to save a life.

Phillips was sentenced to die after being convicted of the murder and rape of his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter in Akron, Ohio.

In January 1993, Phillips murdered and raped 3-year-old Sheila Marie Evans at her home in Akron. This poor child had been sexually and physically abused by Phillips for some time before Phillips ultimately took her life. Philip confessed to the police that he had thrown Sheila against the wall, severely beaten her in the head, face and abdomen, dragged her by her hair and anally raped her.

Paramedics said the child’s body was covered with bruises from her chest to her knees as well as her arms. She had a total 139 bruises on her small body.

Sherri Bevan Walsh, Summit County Prosecutor, said Phillips had brutally beaten Sheila on a Friday night. The child then spent the weekend vomiting along with severe diarrhea. According to Walsh, Sheila had severe internal injuries and when she finally died they discovered that gangrene had already set inside her intestines.

The child’s mother, Fae Evans, initially denied knowing her daughter was suffering, but eventually admitted that the child was sick over the weekend. A final beating from Phillips on Monday, January 18, ended Sheila’s life.

Walsh said she was horrified that Evans stood by and watched her daughter suffer and ultimately die a painful and long death. As a result of standing idly by, Evans was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child endangering. In 1993 she was sentenced to 13 to 30 years in prison.

Fae Evans was released early from jail due to a terminal illness; she later died in 2008.

Phillips has requested permission to donate his organs to his family members that are in need.

His mother has kidney disease and is on dialysis while his sister is suffering with a heart condition. Although this is his primary reason for wanting to donate his organs; he has also stated that if his organs can’t help his family members he’d be willing to allow them to be used to help other people.

Phillips’ attorney submitted the letter of request to the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction on his behalf.

According to his attorney the letter explained that Phillips has no expectations or conditions tied to his request. He only wants to do whatever he can to allow as many people as possible to benefit from his death. His request is not a tactic of delay; it’s a sincere request to help others in need.

Phillips said his desire is to do something charitable that can help bring closure to the victim’s family.

Attorneys for Phillips have said that Ohio no longer uses two drugs that are known to damage an inmate’s organs; one of the drugs is a paralyzing agent and the other drug causes the heart to stop.

On Thursday during the execution of Ronald Phillips, Ohio plans to use an untried injection of a sedative called midazolam and a painkiller named hydromorphone. This injection has never been used for an execution in the United States. It was not clear on Monday what effect, if any, these drugs might have on a person’s organs.

Ronald Phillips who is now 40-years-old is scheduled to die this week. He was convicted in 1993 for the murder and rape of 3-year-old Sheila Marie Evans and sentenced to die.

On Monday he requested for his organs to be donated to his sickly mother and sister; he wants the opportunity to save a life before losing his.



Ronald Phillips request has been denied by prison officials.

Prison officials said they could not come up with an expeditious way to transport Ronald Phillips to an offsite hospital for surgery immediately following his execution while following the established security procedures.

Officials believe transporting an inmate outside of prison walls, so close to their scheduled execution, would be too risky and would pose serious security concerns.

It will be up to the family of Ronald Phillips to make such a decision once his deceased body has be given over to them.  Whether his organs would still be eligible for the donor process is unclear.

The request to have his organs donated to his family, or anyone else, has been denied as it relates to the prison system.  His family can do what they wish once they have recovered the body of their loved one.




By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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