China to Absolish 1-Child Policy for Some Parents


With an overpopulation problem, China had to do something to control the growing situation. The policy was introduced in 1980 for the majority of parents, with the odd exception. However, China is looking into abolishing the 1-child policy for some more parents in the country. It comes after years of controversy over the policy.

Farmers and Parents Without Siblings Already Have More Than One Child

The policy that meant parents were restricted to one child only already had exceptions. Farmers and those living outside of urban areas are allowed a second child if their first is a girl. Parents where both are single children are also allowed to have two children, under certain conditions. Now, the restrictions will be eased for parents where one is an only child.

This will hopefully bring an end to some of the abortions and abandoned baby girls that are found in the country. China has been under a lot of pressure due to the amount of girls that are left to fend for themselves or even murdered because they are viewed as a disappointment. Due to the culture, males are favored by the parents.

This has led to a large population of males and not enough females. However, that is not the only issues with the policy.

The Chinese Government Hopes to Improve the Labor Force

One of the biggest benefits of China abolishing the 1-child policy for some more parents is that the labor force will be able to grow. Currently, there are more elderly than young adults, causing a strain on the employment. This was only noticed in 2012 but is predicted to get worse each year from now on.

There is also hope that this will bring in more consumption in the country to help it growth further. At the moment, the country’s growth is mainly due to exports but the government drastically wants to change this. By more parents having more children, there will be extra spending on infant formula, clothing and education in the future.

The Length of Time for Changes to be Seen

It is possible that this ease is just too late. Many of the hopes are too far into the future and help is needed now. The housing market is on the verge of collapse. Children are left with multiple homes and inheritances because there are not any siblings to take them instead. Despite the supply, the prices are still extremely high.

The extra children are likely to help ease this housing crisis but not for at least two decades. There are concerns that that is too far into the future. Similar concerns surround the fact that it will take more than 10 years for the extra labor force and five years for parents to start spending extra on education.

Despite the worries, it is better than China abolishes its 1-child policy for some parents now rather than later. At least this is a step in the right direction. Time will tell whether this is beneficial and whether China will completely abolish the policy in the future.

By Alexandria Ingham

Fox News

USA Today


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