Chris Brown Leaves Rehab For Community Service

Chris Brown

Chris brown leaves rehab early to register for his community service. He checked himself out after just 16 days to serve his punishment for domestic violence against his former girlfriend Rihanna.

Famous for his temper, it was said that Chris Brown could be in the Malibu rehab center for up to 3 months, enrolled into an anger management program a day after he was released from jail for his involvement in a street brawl. Prosecutors classed the charge as a misdemeanor, even with the star’s previous history of violence with his attack on Rihanna in 2009.¬†Whether he really intended to stay in rehab in order to ‘gain focus and insight,’ or whether it was a publicity stunt to excuse his inappropriate behavior remains to be seen. Brown does himself no favors and continues to reduce his fan base as his aggressive and confrontational behavior persists to tarnish his reputation.

There have been no reports as to whether the little time he did remain in rehab was of an help, however he will continue therapy after the dismissal of his community service as an outpatient. This means that he will continue to attend meetings for his anger management treatment, but will not have to have permanent placement.

Chris Brown can under no circumstances deny the accusations of physical harm made against him as there are numerous videos and CCTV to confirm indecent of this behavior. It is shocking that he is yet to serve more than one day in jail for the repeated claims that have been made against him. A TMZ video provides concrete evidence of Brown’s irrational and volatile behavior towards a parking valet:

After photographs of Rihanna’s beaten face were publicized, which left the star unrecognizable, Chris was, shockingly, not served a prison sentence. Dan Kirby, a 45 year old man from Pennsylvania, would beat his wife with a spoon or his hand and was jailed for up to 23 months. So it has to be questioned, why is the violence committed by an every day man punished and the violence by Chris Brown, a universal superstar, taken lightly with community service? Especially with the amount of evidence stacked up against him for his tenancies of intimidation and violence. Brown’s punishment was 180 days of community service in Virginia and a ‘stay away’ order – an extremely light consequence for the battered state of his girlfriend; all with a guilty plead and photographic evidence of the disfigured and bruised face.

Chris Brown

Brown was seen posing with fans shortly after his release from rehab and the singer is set to release a new album. He is still out enjoying the pleasures of a life for the rich and famous individual. As Chris Brown leaves rehab for community service, and is no longer partaking in help to manage his predisposition for violence, which is spurred on by his inability to contain his anger, we can do nothing but anxiously anticipate his future actions and hope that it does not result in further harm to individuals on the recieving end.


By Melissa McDonald