Chris Brown Rehab be Damned

Chris Brown Rehab be Damned

Chris Brown may have checked into rehab to get a lesser sentence after his assault charge in Washington DC, but now he seems to be saying rehab be damned. He checked himself out early and has declared that he is an outpatient attending anger management classes. Sadly, it seems that is all he is addressing in his new status as a non-resident rehabilitation attendee.

The 24 year-old singer and actor was seen out on the town with his latest girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Brown and Tran have not had a smooth relationship by any means. While not as troubled as his time with Rihanna, the two have been playing the on-again-off-again game for some time now.

25 year-old Karrueche was on the outs with Brown in October just before Halloween. The two were definitely not in “on-again” mode as Tran was posting Instagram pics of her night out on the town sans Chris. The model also got on her Twitter to show her disdain at Chris’ trouble with the police in DC.

While it appears that the evidence and lack of witnesses in the DC fracas may work in Brown’s favor, his self ejection from rehabilitation may be a bit premature. His representative released a statement saying that his client was going to continue his anger management course on an outpatient basis while working off his community service sentence from his 2009 assault against former girlfriend RiRi.

Since Chris appears to be saying “rehab be damned,” he is obviously attempting to keep a low profile as sources who saw him out with Tran say that the singer was very “low key” and that Karrueche was a lot more “outgoing.” In what was his first public appearance since his voluntary entry into rehab, Brown and Tran were spotted earlier in the evening smoking a “hookah.”

The couple then went to support their pal, singer Jhene Aiko at her gig at the Hollywood courtyard of space 15 Twenty. They enjoyed drinks; watched a few Aiko music videos and listened to their friend perform a few live songs. Jhene was so pleased that her buddies could stop by her special event that she tweeted about it, saying that LA “really showed up” for her night and she thanked everyone for being there..

Pictures of Chris Brown out on the town with Tran showed the singer in a brown fedora and long-sleeve sweatshirt with Japan printed on the bottom. While Karrueche looked dazzling in her little black number topped by an Indiana Jones type chapeau, Brown looked lost. His entire countenance lacked enthusiasm. Even the selfies taken at Aiko’s Sailout EP release party seemed a bit lacklustre.

Could Brown be regretting his hasty departure from rehab already?

The singer has had a pretty rough year with trouble hounding his every step. From assaults to angry neighbors calling for the graffiti art on his garage and fence to be removed, Brown has spent more than his fair share of time in court or answering allegations. The singer has been complaining that it seems that law officials just seem to have it in for him.

With Chris Brown seeming to say rehab be damned, he has left himself wide open for more allegations of wrongdoing. He may have also hurt any chance of having his latest assault charge lessened, if it even goes to court. It may well be that his “lack of enthusiasm” is the singer rethinking his latest action.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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