Chris Hadfield in Support of Movember Campaign (Video)

Chris Hadfield
Chris Hadfield is a retired Canadian astronaut who has blown up in popularity over the videos of him singing Space Oddity aboard the ISS, as well as the Youtube comedy skits poking fun at the daily lives of everyone living with the luxury of gravity here on earth, and most recently one of the famous astronaut in support of the Movember Campaign to raise awareness of men’s prostate cancer. In the video Commander Hadfield is seen wearing a thick and furry caterpillar above his upper lip.

The video had been viewed over a quarter million times in the first day it was uploaded, and is continually rising in popularity.In the videos Hadfield had been uploading to Youtube since returning to earth, the former pilot who served in the Cold War is participating in daily activities that one would partake in during your daily life here on earth, ones that would be a little more physically challenging than the chores were while he was aboard the International Space Station. These videos were originally shot to show his progression towards readjusting his body for everyday life on his home planet again.

“I kept making these videos of my daily life, assuming everyone would still be interested,” he says, as he is seen pouring milk into a bowl and displaying the force of gravity making a waterfall down into his cereal, much different than would have been the case had he tried to make his breakfast on the Space Station. Commander Hadfield’s “Astronaut’s Guide To…” series shows spaceman Hadfield struggling with drinking tea and several otherwise simple and mundane tasks, and has been videos several thousands of times. Hadfield is also author to the New York Best Selling book An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth in which he immerses his readers deep into his history of training to be an astronaut as well has his experiences away from the blue and green orb we call home. Experiences which include taking you on a journey with him through the experience of launching himself off Earth’s surface into the never ending abyss that is space. Chris Hadfield is one of the most accomplished astronauts in the world and he recently served as Commander of the International Space Station where he conducted a record-setting number of scientific experiments, oversaw a space walk, and as well as gained worldwide attention for his breath taking photographs taken from space.

As well as Commander Chris Hadfield’s appearance in the Movember Campaign video, he has also been featured as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience. Chris Hadfield and Joe get into a fascinating discussion about what human’s have accomplished so far, and what they could possibly have planned over the next few decades. Hadfield also talks about some of the immediate harmful effects on the body of an astronaut who is floating around in a weightless environment. He explains how his sense of balance is complete diminished. As well as the fact that calluses which are on the bottom of your feet disappear since you aren’t walking on the ground of the Space Station but rather float around in a metal tube that has no gravitational force. The two of them have an extremely interesting conversation that I think many would find extremely informative and fascinating about how far we’ve come as a species, and just wear we might be headed in the near future. I suggest you check it out, as well as the Hadfield’s Movember clip

By Brandon Webb

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