Chris Christie Entering Presidential Race for 2016?

Chris Christie Entering Presidential Race for 2016?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was enjoying the attention he was getting from the strong win he received on his re-election for governor last week. The victory is leading to questions if the Republican is going to consider entering into the presidential race for 2016.

Instead of answering that question with a yes or no, he stated for right now he is interested in remaining as governor for New Jersey.

He said that he had a lot of issues to focus on, lots of things to get done, even though he realized that a lot of people were wondering about what he was planning on doing in the future. Many of those people focusing on his future agenda stemmed from the Republican party. Christie explained he is focused on being the Republican Governors Association’s chairman and preparing for each of these positions would keep him busy over the next year or so.

This may mean the governor will interact among various other 2016 presidential contenders when they start making themselves known. The race for public appeal from candidates have already began. Senators Marco Rubio from Florida and Texas’ Ted Cruz were lukewarm when they offered congratulations toward Christie for his fresh win.

Christie beat New Jersey Democratic Senator Barbara Buono by an enormous 22 percent. Even more important for those following the polls, while the GOP has a considerable win factor from white voters, Christie’s numbers at the exit polls are showing a changing demographic of interest. Christie won over 20 percent of the black vote and over 49 percent of the Hispanic vote, showing a trust that goes beyond party letters. For a Republican, Chris Christie ended up doing very well among union members and even with women voters.

Republicans are realizing they have to give minority voters reason to sway their selection from a Democrat counterpart. Chris Christie explained that if Republicans wanted to win by the margin he did, they must be willing to travel to their various neighborhoods, to show up and show they care. Candidates have to be involved beyond campaigning and remain actively involved in varying neighborhoods.

Exit polls read that Christie also carried over a third of Democrats and almost two-thirds of all Independent voters.

Chris Christie, who has clashed with a few labor unions, might call himself a conservative. Yet, compared to what seems to be the prevailing power in Republican politics today, which is the tea party, Christie may just be considered a moderate.

Christie is willing to deliberate over immigration modification and considers a few gun control laws. He was against judicial and legislative approval for allowing same-sex marriage in his state, but he did not become radical with his stances, prompting interest in his moderate approach on issues.

He was excellent official during the time of Superstorm Sandy, working closely with President Obama. During this time, it was Obama who was running for re-election; Christie looked beyond politics to reach across the aisle. He focused on the need which was about taking care of the people of New Jersey and rebuilding his state.

Chris Christie may not like being called a moderate but that is just how he seems to appear. It is truly blurred, however, just really how “moderate” the man is. Whether that label would ever be able to stick or become a positive label within the ranks of the Republican Party is not very likely. It is uncertain Christie will ever publicized his seemingly moderate stance.

If Chris Christie is planning on entering the President race in 2016, a moderate label may not be what he needs to receive his party’s nomination.


By Kimberly Ruble


The Washington Post

ABC News



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