Christmas Truce – Not Here and Not Now

The war on Christmas - will this year see a truce?

Will there be a Christmas truce this year? Probably not in Syria and probably not here and not now. The war on Christianity continues and a new annual tradition involves protests from the Left and so-called atheists against any public display commemorating the birth of Jesus. As Liberals fall over themselves to avoid offending Muslims, they continue the fight to banish the faith upon which this nation was founded.

The entire argument against the display of Christian symbols and the recital of Christian prayer clearly demonstrates a fundamental – and willful – misunderstanding of the principle behind the First Amendment; the very idea of freedom of religion means that one cannot suppress a particular faith on the grounds that it offends members of another faith. Whether one is Christian, Muslim, Jew, atheist or anything else, one is demonstrating intolerance the very moment one protests the display of religious symbolism; the justification of preventing others from being offended is a mere canard; this is not the country for anyone who is offended by such displays. Radical Muslims increasingly insist that their holy traditions are recognized, yet why are they still unable to accept a truce? The answer is simply; pure, unadulterated intolerance.

Whilst Christians and Jews have, for years, lived in peace in a number of Muslim countries, it is interesting to note that the most religiously intolerant countries on Earth are all Islamic. The idea, therefore, that Muslims in this country have any right to claim that they find the display of Christian symbols offensive is outrageous; such people should take up residence in Saudi Arabia, where they will find the level of intolerance to their liking.

The motives of Liberals are much clearer; their war on religion fits their agenda. It is the Almighty State – not God – that must be worshiped. Their focus on Christianity is explained in two ways; it is the predominant faith in the United States and, therefore, the main threat. This year, at Christmas – as in previous years – there be no truce because so long as Americans celebrate their faith in God, they cannot be considered slavishly loyal to the government. The other reason for the victimization of Christians is that modern Islam, in contrast to the original teachings of that faith, is perfectly suited for dictatorship. Although the Prophet Muhammad sought to break away from Pagan Arab tradition, which was highly restrictive, Muslims quickly re-adopted many aspects of that tradition after the Prophet’s death. Islamist fundamentalists took such traditions to the extreme and produced a faith that is now based upon total intolerance of all other beliefs. Whilst Muslims themselves are protected by the First Amendment, the practice of Islamism has no place in America.

As for atheists; they are merely attempting to conceal a similar political agenda behind the phony concept of non-belief. One can be agnostic, which means – literally – that one does not know whether or not God exists. One cannot, however, be a true atheist, since only an omniscient being could be certain of the non-existence of an omniscient being. Challenge any self-proclaimed atheist to state their certainty that there is no God and, if they are honest, they will decline to do so; settling for the assertion that they are fairly certain God does not exist – which immediately proves them to be agnostic. It is difficult to fathom how anyone can claim to be offended by the practice of a faith in which one does not believe. The true atheist would consider the display of religious symbols at Christmas completely irrelevant. They will never declare a truce, however, because their goal is not to be free from religion but to force everyone to abandon it.

The bitterness and lack of tolerance among Liberals and Progressives will, once again, drive them to spoil Christmas for everyone else, as they do each year. At this one time of year, when Christians celebrate their most holy day and children enjoy the magic of Christmas, there will be no truce. Liberals are welcome to their soulless and joyless “happy holidays” but, in the interests of firing the first shot in this year’s war on Christmas, this writer – a believer who chooses to follow no religion – wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas.


Editorial by Graham J Noble


3 Responses to "Christmas Truce – Not Here and Not Now"

  1. Lamont Cranston   December 20, 2013 at 4:52 am

    Everyone should be allowed to express what they believe, but not with the taxpayer’s funds or on government property. The religious should not proselytize our children in public school, or commandeer the steps of city hall to proclaim their belief.

  2. peddler   November 12, 2013 at 8:47 am

    The first paragraph is misleading. David Silverman’s group “American Atheist” places billboard in prominent sections of all communities. Offending Muslims has never been a reason not to educate the public. Just remember it is not atheist flying planes into buildings, bombing mosques, churches and temples. We tolerate all myths but we demand the religious not proselytize our children in public school.

  3. Rebecca Savastio   November 8, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Excellent article. Everyone should be allowed to express what they believe. As you said, that is protected under freedom of speech. Live and let live, I say.


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