Dancing With the Stars The Finals Night 1 (Review)

Dancing With the Stars The Finals Night 1

Dancing With the Stars (ABC) tonight is the first of a two-part season finale, The Finals Night 1. Besides dancing in order to stay in the competition until tomorrow, the remaining four couples are dancing for something else — the much coveted Mirrorball Trophy. Also, Kellie Pickler will be singing “Little Bit Gypsy.” Which couple will be eliminated tonight, and which three couples will move on to tomorrow? Who will win, and  be determined by the judges to be the best dancing couple this season on Dancing With the Stars?

Each of the four couples tonight on Dancing With the Stars will not dance just one dance, but three.  Last week, the competition was fierce, and Bll Engvall and his dance partner, Emma Slater, had the low scores for the night — but, Bill’s fan base must have given him enough votes to enable him through, because the couple who were eliminated were Leah Remini and Tony Dovolini. Will Bill and Emma make it through tonight, also; or, has Bill’s luck finally run out?

Kellie Pickler opens the show singing “Little Bit Gypsy.” Pro dancers also take to the stage and dance as she sings.  Kellie was the champion of Dancing With the Stars season 16. Kellie does a great job, and it was a fantastic way to start this episode.

The first dance  tonight involves a “Judge’s Pick.” The couples will have to repeat a dance they’ve performed earlier in the season. Then, in the second round, the couples will have to participate in a Samba relay. Each couple will have to dance a different part of the same  dance/song. The song will be TLC’s hit, “No Scrubs.”

In the third round, which will likely prove to be the most competitive  of the season so far on Dancing With the Stars, the couples will be dancing a freestyle dance filled with additional dancers, special effects, and other surprises. The couple who is eliminated at the end of the night will be sent home based on their fan votes from last week added to the judges’ scores of tonight.

The first couple to take the stage and perform on Dancing With the Stars tonight are Bill Engvall and Emma Slater. They will be performing the Viennese Waltz to the Billy Joel song, “She’s Always a Woman to Me.” Len tells them before they begin that he wants to have them do well enough to get 9’s and 10’s. I thought that they did pretty good, but the judges have not been very impressed with their performances this past season, so who knows what their scores will be?

After the dance, Len says he felt there “was an improvement in the movement of the arms” but he told Bill that “you lost your timing.”

Bruno told them that “we all love you” but he added “your timing was off.”

Carrie Ann said that she didn’t think they’d have made it this far, but “you have always stayed true and give 100 percent.”

The judges gave them scores of straight 8s, for a total of 24/30 points.

Then, the second couple, Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff, danced the Quick Step to “Diga Diga Doo” by Duke Ellington. Len reminded Corbin (it sounded kind of insulting to me) that he can get better scores, or marks, if he applies himself. Corbin and Katrina did great, as usual — they very well might win the entire competition!

Len said he thought that this time was better than they danced last week, “but your left arm was flying around a little bit.”

Bruno told them that if they “did that on the highway” they would “get a speeding ticket..” He  said that they “were out of sync.”

Carrie Ann admonished them, saying that she didn’t see any improvement at all, and added “get your mojo back — this is the finals!”

The three judges gave them scores of straight 9s, for a total of 27/30.

The third couple of the night on Dancing With the Stars was Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke. They danced the Jive to “Going Up the Country”  by Canned Heat. I have thought that Jack and Cheryl could win it all for some time now, though Amber Riley and Derek Hough are certainly very impressive, as well.

Though they did great IMHO, the judges thought that they should have done better, with the season winding down, as it is. For example, Bruno tells Jack that although his kicks were good,  “the timing went out the window.” He added that Jack needed to “get yourself together.”

Carrie Ann told them that the first time she had judged them performing this dance,  she had “thought it was a 10.” Not this time, though — she said “you were out of sync.”

The judges awarded them with scores of 8 across the board,  or 24/30 in all. With that low of a score, tied with Bill and Emma, are we going to see another case where a couple who are, in general, better dancers get eliminated, and where Bill Engvall — nice guy, sure, and a great comedian — continues on?

The fourth and last couple of the first round are Amber Riley and Derek Hough. They performed the Charleston to “Bang Bang”  by will.i.am.  Before the dance, Carrie Ann told them they should keep in sync, and be sharp and crisp. Whatever that means….crisp like celery? I jest, but still it’s not a very precise bit of advice. Anyway, they did spectacular job, the best of the night, IMHO!  Dancing With the Stars Finals Night 1

Carrie Ann told them that she was proud of them, and “you outdid yourself.”

Len said that he thought “This is the most improved by far out of all the dances.”

Bruno also liked how well they did, saying “Your footwork was as sharp as a razor blade tonight.”

The judges gave them straight 10s — Woo-hoo! their score is 30/30, the best score of the evening so far on Dancing With the Stars!

The second round, the Samba relay, saw all of the four couples on the dance floor dancing to TLC’s song “No Scrubs.”

First, Jack and Cheryl dance; then, Amber Riley and Derek Hough join in;  they are followed by Bill Engvall and Emma Slater; and, finally, Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff joined in and danced the Samba.

Len said that one of the dancers was “crisp and clean” but one “lacked rhythm” and another one totally “nailed it.” Yeah, but  who did what? That Len, he be so crazy….

Bruno said he thought it (I guess the whole performance) was “sexy and cool,” while Carrie Ann was more specific, saying she really liked how both Corbin and Amber did with the dance. She added that she thought that Jack and Emma had done much better, and that even Bill Engvall had his “best moves yet.”

How did their performances relate to the points they scored? Bill and Emma got the fewest points, with just 2. in 3rd place was Jack Osbourne and Cheryl, with 3 big points, and in second place were Amber Riley and Derek Hough with 4 points. In first place were Corbin Bleu and Karina with 5 huge points.

The third round has finally arrived — the Freestyle Round!

The first couple to perform — I suppose based on how low their score  is thus far — are Bill Engvall and Emma Slater. They will be dancing to the Indiana Jones theme song. They actually don’t do a bad job; they are pretty good!

Len said that Bill “had not lost his ability to entertain,” adding “I really enjoyed it, it was very entertaining.”

Bruno said that he thought their dance was “naughty and indescribable.”

Carrie Ann called Bill Engvall “every man’s dancing hero.”

Carrie Ann and Bruno gave the couple 8s, while Len gave them a 9! This gave them 25/30. Combined with their previous scores, they have a score of 51.

Next, Corbin Bleu and Karina performed a hip hop freestyle dance to “Smooth Criminals” by Michael Jackson — a great song. They gave an incredible performance — it was amazing!

Bruno told them that  they “killed it” and they “combined some iconic Michael Jackson moves and made it magic.”

Carrie Ann said that they “nailed it,” while Len didn’t say anything — he gave them perhaps his biggest honor, a standing ovation!

The judges gave them scores of straight 10s, for a score of 30/30, and a total combined score of 62! That should really help them going into the finals, tomorrow!

The third couple  in the third round were Jack and Emma. They danced Freestyle to the Fred Astaire song “Top Hat, White Tie & Tails.” They rocked it out, also, giving a remarkable performance, IMHO.

Carrie Ann told them she thought that “was show stopper, fitting for a king.”

Len said that “your family should be so proud of you.”

Bruno told them “Hooray for Hollywood and hooray for Jack; Cheryl did an incredible job.”

The judges gave them straight 10s, for 30/30, and an overall total of 57.

Amber and Riley were the final performers of the third round, and the night. They danced the freestyle to “Can You Do This” by Aloe Blacc. They, also, kicked serious butt, and gave an amazing performance!

Len said “Six guys out there and it was all about you.”

Bruno said of Amber that she was “a leading lady; nobody could take their eyes off of you.”

Carrie Ann agreed, saying “you were like a Diva dancing James Brown.”

The judges also gave Amber and Derek straight 10s, for 30/30, and the highest overall total of the night on Dancing With the Stars: 64!

So, which celebrity was eliminated tonight on Dancing With the Stars? It was Amber and — no, it was Bill Engvall and Emma Slater!  Do you think Bill and Emma should have been eliminated sooner, or do you believe that they were good enough to stay around for the Finals Night 2, tomorrow? Which celebrity do you think will be the winner in tomorrow night’s exciting conclusion to this season of Dancing With the Stars? Please leave your comments below!



Written by: Douglas Cobb