Dynasty Warriors 8 Gets Nostalgic and Creative [Video]

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Dynasty Warriors 8 has been out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 since July of this year but this week they release some downloadable content that is both nostalgic of their past games and creative.

Every so often Koei will release downloadable content, as many games do, this time they’ve released multiple packs at once. Downloadable content can be bought off of Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network and adds a little something extra to your game that wasn’t there before. The costs varies depending on what you get. There will be four separate new weapon packs available. These packs will also come with new stages that will be added to Free Mode, which is the mode where you can pick any level and simply dive right in. New versions of weapons will be acquired for each weapon in the game, of which there are 77. Those that love weapon customization and a variety of weapons will have their choice considering four weapon packs are available. Most of them costing only $1.99.

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Now that the weapon packs are out of the way, we can get to the creative stuff. In Dynasty Warriors 8 there is a new mode called Ambition Mode where the player creates a base and attempts to build a tower impressive enough for Emperor Xian to visit. This mode has multiple types of battles. Large-scale battles that help you recruit new characters and allies, raid battles which increase your fame, and skirmish battles that yield materials to use on the improvement of your tower. The downloadable content associated with this mode is the “Base Theme 3” pack that gives your entire camp a Sci Fi feeling. The feeling wouldn’t be authentic without music so the pack comes fully equipped with new music tracks to enhance the feeling. This new base theme comes at the cost of $1.99. If you’d like to see the theme first a video at the bottom of the article demonstrates what it looks like.

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Those that have been following the series for a long time may have spent a lot of time with Dynasty Warriors 4 considering that the title was a great improvement for the series. Those that appreciate the more nostalgic times will be happy to hear that the “Old Costume Pack 2” comes fully equipped with costumes for all 46 characters from Dynasty Warriors 4. This costume pack also comes at the low cost of $1.99.

Those that have decided to wait it out and simply get Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends will be sadly disappointed. Ordinarily After a Dynasty Warriors game comes out an Extreme Legends of the same number will follow, putting extra focus on the lesser known parties and characters of the game. As it stands right now Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends does not have a release date for the U.S. So far Japan is the only place set to release the new title, which comes out on the 28thof November. However, fans of the series should have their hands full with such low priced, creative, and nostalgic downloadable content to choose from.

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