Oswald May Not Have Acted Alone in Kennedy Assassination Says John Kerry

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There are many conspiracy theorists who feel that Lee Harvey Oswald may not have acted alone when he shot John F. Kennedy to death in Dallas in 1963. John Kerry is one of those theorists. Kerry revealed his doubts to Tom Brokaw on NBC during filming of a special on the Kennedy assassination, saying that he has always thought there was a chance Oswald may have been directly influenced by others.

Although many Kennedy assassination theorists believe that members of our own government may have played a role in Kennedy’s death, Kerry says he does not think that the United States government was involved in the assassination, explaining:

To this day, I have serious doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I certainly have doubts that he was motivated by himself, I mean I’m not sure if anybody else was involved — I don’t go down that road with respect to the Grassy Knoll theory and all that — but I have serious questions about whether they got to the bottom of Lee Harvey Oswald’s time and influence from Cuba and Russia. I think he (Oswald) was inspired somewhere by something.

The Warren Commission, the special commission formed by the government to do a thorough examination of Kennedy’s assassination, found that Oswald was the only shooter and that he acted alone. The report has come under much scrutiny from those who have an intense interest in the events that happened on Nov. 22, 1963 as well as from the general public. Many thousands of pages and hundreds of books have been written about conspiracies surrounding the assassination. Some of the most popular theories and ideas about the event include:

– Oswald was prompted to shoot Kennedy by the mafia because Bobby Kennedy had promised to focus on ridding society of organized crime.

-The KGB was behind the killing, using Oswald as the agent of Kennedy’s demise. Oswald did have ties to Russia, having lived there before the assassination.

-Additional shots were fired from “the grassy knoll,” a small area next to the book repository, suggesting that there were multiple shooters.

-The shooting was arranged by Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover working together.

-Oswald was not the shooter at all, but merely an innocent fall guy for the real killer, who may have been more directly connected to Cuba than Oswald himself. Oswald was a member of a group sympathetic to Cuba and had taken part in activism in support of Cuba.

-The shooting was arranged by the CIA to cover up Kennedy’s interest in UFOs and aliens (aka the “he knows too much” theory.)

-The Illuminati was behind the assassination because (fill in any one of hundreds of convoluted reasons here.)

There are many other conspiracy theories about Kennedy’s assassination, some of which are so bizarre they barely make sense at all. Kerry’s theory, some say, is more plausible than the rest given that Oswald did indeed have ties to both Cuba and Russia prior to Kennedy’s death.

John Kerry says that Lee Harvey Oswald may not have acted alone in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, reflecting a general societal feeling that the government is hiding something as it pertains to the event. Since the Warren Commission report was completed in 1964, public perception has never swung in favor of complete trust of the document. A recent gallop poll, completed this year, showed that 59% of Americans still think Oswald did not act alone and that something is being covered up in the case.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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