Edward Snowden Hired for Job in Russia

Edward Snowden Hired For Job In Russia


Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who received short-term asylum back in June in Russia has found job providing computer support on an unnamed website in that country. He went there after bolting from the United States. A Russian lawyer who is helping him released this information.

Edward should start working this month, attorney Anatoly Kucherena stated. He will offer support for a big Russian website. The lawyer refused to name what website Snowden would be employed by, saying it was because of security reasons and safety.

One may wonder why any potential employers would want to hire Snowden after what he did when he took off from the NSA and the U.S.

The act from the NSA is what ended up making him famous and it was a singular event, David Auerbach, who is a former Microsoft and Google engineer, stated in June. Edward Snowden himself is not famous.

Regardless of what made Snowden a house-hold word, he still retains the same highly skilled technical knowledge he had before he turned out to be a whistle-blower. As long as he keeps those talents and they stay sharp, Snowden will almost certainly keep thriving. In the field of technology, as with numerous other businesses, where someone knows what he or she is doing, their capacities are much more important.

Snowden, age 30, who revealed secret US telephone and Internet surveillance programs, took off to Hong Kong and then he went to Russia this past summer.

President Vladimir Putin has ignored all of America’s requests to send Snowden back to the States so he can face criminal charges that include espionage.

Pavel Durov, who is the leader of Russia’s foremost social network Vkontakte, has sent out an invitation to Snowden to work for that corporation, but earlier last week explained that the American had not responded to his proposal. A spokesperson for Vkontakte declined to give any statements on whether Snowden has since taken up the job offer with the firm, which is centered in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Edward Snowden’s position in Russia has never been released and ever since July he has appeared in only a few pictures. He was seen in a video taken in October where he was visiting past U.S. national security administrators who are backing Edward Snowden’s cause.

Putin, who was a KGB spy at one time, has repeatedly stated that Russia would only accommodate Edward Snowden if he stopped hurting the United States. The short-term sanctuary Snowden was given in August can be drawn-out yearly if need be.

Putin also has disregarded the prevalent theory that Russian intelligence officers interrogated Snowden for information after he came to Russia, and Kucherena has depicted him as attempting to live as ordinary a life as he possibly can under the strange conditions.

The attorney added that he was glad Edward Snowden had found employment because the younger man had been living on limited funds that were mainly from donations.

A photograph of Snowden riding on a Moscow boat was just released to the public. There has also been a picture of a man who looked a lot like the man pushing a shopping cart into a grocery store.

If Edward Snowden really has been hired for a job in Russia, he should do okay over there.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble

NY Daily News 

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