‘Family Guy’ Fans Not Happy with Death of Brian, Reject New Pet

‘Family Guy’ Fans Not Happy with Death of Brian Reject New Pet
Family Guy fans are not happy with the death of Brian and reject new pet, Vinny, for replacing Brian so quickly. A death in the family can be so painful for those left behind to mourn, this much everybody knows; but not everyone has the ability to come to grips with tragedy very quickly, especially not the fans of Brian.

On Sunday, the “Griffin Family” suffered the loss of their beloved family dog, Brian. A reckless driver had sped down the street and struck Brian, causing serious injury to the family dog, which then resulted in his shocking death.

Good ole unscrupulous youngster Stewie, the dog’s best friend, had been outside with Brian getting ready to play with him. He saw the entire incident unfold and screamed, Brian, watch out! But, too late: the irreversible accident commenced what now would be a whole new series of events that would forever change the life and dynamic of the entire Griffin Family.

The brainy chatty Brian had been the family’s dog for 14 years.  Suddenly however, this other, “pussy-hound, 1/16th cat dog” from the pound, with the name Vinny is already moved in? No thanks, is the outcry of Brian’s supporters. Family Guy fans, not happy with death of Brian, reject the new pet in ways that prove amazing.

Family Guy fans aren’t only mourning Brian; they feel upset that Brian died, that someone ran him over with their car so unexpectedly and killed him.

How closely related to real life that story is! Unfortunately, the story so resonates with many of us that some of us have not yet come to terms with the fact that Brian’s situation is fiction and Seth MacFarlane, his creator’s is non-fiction.

According to reports, Brian’s fans are so upset by Brian’s departure that they literally went as far as collecting signatures to petition that Brian be returned to the show. Early Monday, a devoted fan of Brian’s contacted Change.org summoning Brian to come back to Family Guy, and quickly gained 1500 supporters. Right now the popular petition, with the title “Seth MacFarlane and Fox Broadcasting Company: Bring Brian Griffin Back to Family Guy” has so far gathered 13,000 autographs, if not more.

Moreover, a Facebook fan page “R.I.P Brian Griffin” memorializing this family pet now has more than 200,000 likes.

True, that when a special character goes removed from a catchy TV show, the audience feels it.  That’s because of the beauty therein that it’s all relative. The “stories” speak to us in ways we fully relate with and appreciate.  When a member of the proverbial family passes away, we resonate with the shock and heartbreak for being all-too personally familiar with it, ourselves.  Family Guy fans, who are not happy with the death of Brian and reject the new pet, with due respect, aren’t seeing it from the other side of Brian’s story.  No pun intended, but we are talking here about a cartoon titled Family Guy and fortunately, not a real-life situation, as the one herein presented to us on TV on Sunday.

“Brian” was a caricature created, designed and enlivened by Seth MacFarlane, whose voice we heard every time that Brian, Peter Griffin, and Stewie Griffin spoke. MacFarlane lent his voice as well to Lois’ dad Carter Pewterschmidt, Dr. Hartman, Glen Quagmire, and news anchor, Tom Tucker. MacFarlane has been the main voice for those characters since the beginning of the show.

Perhaps other speculation is right, that MacFarlane carried much of the weight of providing his voice to that extent and it was “wearing thin on him.” He then may have contracted the voice of Tony Sirico of The Sopranos to replace Brian with Vinny, as a way perhaps to eliminate one of the “male” character voices he carried, without it being the scene of an accident that compromises a “person” of the show, i.e., Stewie or Peter, etc.

Family Guy fans, not happy with the death of Brian, who reject new pet Vinny apparently are persons with big hearts, or they would not be this thrown by Brian’s demise. In real life nonetheless, many families lose a pet, and they bring a new one into the fold; not to “be” for the family the pet they lost, but because they just are animal lovers. It would be a real tragedy if an entire village launched a petition to get rid of that new pet and bring back the original one because the fans of the original one finds it too disruptive, to accept that “tragedies” do occur. All dogs are man’s best friend, but all dogs need time to grow on us, and deserve the opportunity and freedom to demonstrate it. Perhaps “Vinny”, if given the chance, may win our hearts and in his own crass or wise way may help us to say good-bye to Brian, the cartoon character.

An Opinion By: Christina L. Ibbotson

Latin Times 

6 Responses to "‘Family Guy’ Fans Not Happy with Death of Brian, Reject New Pet"

  1. chipgenius descargar   March 10, 2019 at 6:31 am

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  2. donell   December 3, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    Northdadz is so right.

  3. Northdadz   December 3, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    Relax. Brian served his purpose – and like any good dog does, he’s left this family too soon. It happens. We don’t lose quips – we get to experience a new character – and one that I love from the Soprano’s! Look at it from a REAL life perspective too – here we are both giving the creator a bit of a break, a huge shot in the arm for new creativity with a whole new lead character and we’ve given Big Pauly (Tony Sirico) some work and the avenue to make us laugh… like clowns… there to amuse us! I think it is definitely sad, I love Brian Griffin – he was a good boy. It is also a cartoon and he can come back at any given time for any given reason – so until then, let’s welcome Vinny and sit back and see what happens next!

    Well done Seth… though it was probably some one smarter and more Hasidic than you that made this decision! Oi Vay!

  4. Delilah   December 3, 2013 at 11:18 am

    They need to bring Brian back I don’t even watch the show any more do to the fact he bead

  5. Lisa Maynard   December 3, 2013 at 12:24 am

    Family Guy will NOT ever be the same again without beloved Brian!! In many ways, Brian WAS THE SHOW!! Such a terrible tragedy & a completely unecessary one! They changed Megs voice at one point & nobody hardly noticed & quickly became used to her new voice. If Seth McFarlen was having a hard time doing so many voices why not change who did Brians voice? NOT KILL HIM!!

  6. Mari   November 29, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    Bring Brian back!!!! Family guy won’t ever be the same 🙁


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