Family Guy Shakeup With Surprise Exit

Family GuyFamily Guy decided it was time to make some changes to their show. The decision and surprise exit seems permanent at the moment and a full shakeup of Family Guy. However, it is clear that very few people are happy about the decision and some have even vowed to never tune in to the cartoon again.

So, who was the character? That would be the beloved, talking dog, Brian. The show’s episode was entitled The Life of Brian, taken from the Monty Python movie of the same name. During that episode, he is hit by a car and dies from the injuries. According to Steve Callaghan, the TV show’s executive producer, this was the best and most realistic decision. It would have been more traumatic for viewers to see one of the children killed of instead of a pet.

The decision started off as just a pitch during a regular writer’s meeting. From there, the plan grew until the idea was finally set. One of the main characters would die and the best option was Brian. By killing off such a main character, the whole dynamic of the show would change. However, the creators and writers went one step further. They brought a new character onto the show.

After the death of Brian, the Griffin family wait for a month and then get a new dog. This is another talking dog, voiced by Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gauteri, from The Sopranos. The addition just adds more of a shakeup to the Family Guy surprise exit. It will be interesting whether viewers take to this new dog, which will be called Vinny and is not going to take Stewie Griffin lightly.

Brian Griffin has been a member of the family since the pilot episode, which aired in 1999. He has been a constant fixture and often the central part to a number of storylines. Some of those include time travel with Stewie. The time travel machine may have been a way to bring the loveable character back, except that Stewie had just dismantled it. It could take months, if not years, for him to rebuild something; if that is even possible.

Twitter was full of fans of Family Guy complaining about the exit. Some vowed that they would never watch it again, unless Brian came back. It is clear that the show is taking a different route but there are worries that it may not be for the best.

This isn’t the first time a loveable character has left the show. During Season 8, Cleveland Brown left to get his spin off show; something that was mentioned during the first episode of the season. However, the character wasn’t killed off and Seth MacFarlane has confirmed that he will return at some point since his spin off has since been cancelled.

The return of Cleveland Brown on Family Guy could help to ease the blow from the shakeup from the surprise exit. Some fans hope that killing off the loveable character is not the last that will be seen of him. While Stewie has dismantled his time machine, there are plenty of other ways to bring back Brian and Family Guy creators are known for stretching the boundaries.

As a tribute to Brian, FOX created this video:

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  1. James   November 26, 2013 at 1:33 am

    I will NEVER watch this show again ,Unless they bring Brian back!!!!!! and I’ve been a fan for the past 5 years. What Moron decided to do this? he should be fired. I also plan to complain to this shows sponsors not to advertise during this tv show or I will boycott their products.


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