George Clooney Considers Himself Better Than DiCaprio and Crowe

George Clooney Considers Himself Better Than DiCaprio and Crowe

It must be true that George Clooney considers himself better than Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. If not, then why the need for Clooney to belittle several top-notch fellow artists during an interview Clooney gave to Esquire magazine recently? Are age and being single getting the best of Clooney these days?  Why would he resort to touching on old memories, look down upon his two younger peers while offering  nothing nice to say about them?

It boggles the mind.  Here we have three very distinguished men, all actors, all very famous, very wealthy, and very handsome. Clooney, age 52, DiCaprio, age 39, and  Crowe, age 49; and the eldest of the three stars has to openly speak negatively about the two younger ones, because…?

According to sources, Clooney recently picked on DiCaprio over a game of basketball that Clooney claims he and his team won  three times, all with scores of 11-0, while in Cabo with DiCaprio. Both actors own homes there. Allegedly DiCaprio had egged Clooney on earlier, with smart-mouth talk and a challenge to beat Clooney and his team at the [silly] game!

My, my, if we haven’t better things to worry about, let us drudge up those former events that gave our self-worth the super-boost we never forgot, why don’t we, as a way to deflect perhaps our own unhappiness with self! Who cares, that back a few years ago, Clooney and his cronies beat DiCaprio at basketball? Apparently, Clooney cares –enough to bring it up during that interview and gloat about it!

Then, when done hassling our gorgeous DiCaprio, Clooney seemed to have to fill interview-time with other talk of yet additional celebrities, and he chose Russell Crowe as the “star” of yet another old memory of his. To enlighten us, sources report that Clooney’s beef with Crowe had been that Crowe allegedly “criticized” and “picked a fight with” Clooney during a Spanish TV commercial in 2005, supposedly without reason. After which, claims Clooney, Crowe extended an apology to Clooney, claiming that he was misquoted. Clooney’s response: “Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”

Two wrongs don’t make aright, and yet Clooney, who apparently felt offended by Crowe’s criticism, deemed it appropriate to treat Crowe’s apology in that same careless manner that he himself condemned Crowe for carrying forth.  It brings to mind a famous saying: We view ourselves through rose-colored glasses, but view others through magnifiers.

Currently, Clooney is hogging up the silver screen with his intergalactic movie Gravity; subsequently, he directed and currently stars in Monument Men, which one would think keeps him busy and adds kudos to his A-list of successes. However, with his less-than-respectful attitude towards peers in the same line of work as he, Clooney could have let go of the past and said kinder things about DiCaprio and Crowe, or said nothing at all.  For surely, it comes across today as though dear old Clooney considers himself better than Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, with those self-righteous words of his.

By Christina L. Ibbotson

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3 Responses to "George Clooney Considers Himself Better Than DiCaprio and Crowe"

  1. lisa runnels   November 13, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    maybe he needs to dry out for a while——sponge bob zone—–

  2. Mimi   November 13, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    Actually, the words were not taken out of context. Clooney showed really bad form in his criticisms. I’m especially dumbfounded at his 8 year old grudge against something Crowe said back then. I have to wonder, did Crowe’s words of criticism for George selling out by doing ads overseas strike a bit too close to home? Whatever… to use George’s words… it’s bad form and makes him look small and petty.

  3. Lindsay Church   November 13, 2013 at 11:59 am

    George Clooney has one of the best senses of humor in the industry, this author clearly does not. Why take words out of context, author? Shame on you.


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