Giants Win 27-13 Against Packers

Play-by-play review of the game

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The New York Giants geared up to play the Green Bay Packers on their home turf, Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, today. The Giants went into the game hoping to continue their recent winning streak since they beat the Vikings last October and managed to win 27-13, making them 4-6 and leaving the Packers at 5-6.

The Giants took the lead about halfway through the first quarter, with giants quarterback Eli Manning completing a 10-yard pass to Reuben Randle, who scored the touchdown. The New York Giants then followed up in the second quarter with a 3-point field goal from the 40-yard line at 4th & 1, instead of attempted to push the ball back 1 yard and gaining first down.

Green Bay managed to score a field goal in the beginning of the second quarter and another as the first half of the game ended. Mason Crosby kicked the first 3-point-score 24 yards away from the goal post, and the second from the 43-yard line.

Green Bay continued to advance in the game with a 29-yard pass caught by Nelson  two minutes into second half. The ball was intercepted by Giants player John Beason one minute later and Manning threw a 35-yard pass to Hakeem Nicks. This move brought the Giants to the Packers’ 15-yard line, followed by a completed field goal by Josh Brown.

The Packers took the ball but didn’t manage to score, falling one yard short of first down and returning the offense to the Giants. New York then pushed their way down toward Green Bay’s end-zone, and Jacobs scored the second touchdown of the game at second and goal, leaving the third quarter score 20-6, Giants.

However, Packers quarterback Scott Tolzein completed a 52-yard pass as soon as the fourth quarter started, bringing them to the Giants’ 13-yard line at first down and allowing Packers left guard Eddie Lacy to score their first touchdown at 3rd and 1.

Giants then regained control of the ball and lost it to the Packers, but not for long. A pass from Tolzein was intercepted by defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who immediately scored the New York’s third touchdown , putting the Giants in a 14-point lead.

The Giants made yet another interception thrown by Tolzein two minutes before the end of the game, but no further points were scored. The Giants have finally significantly recovered from their losing streak the beginning of this season, this being their fourth straight winning game.

The Giants are due to play the Dallas Cowboys (5-5) at the Metlife Stadium next Sunday. Green Bay will play the Vikings, who lost to New York 23-7 and are currently 2-7. New York will no doubt have their work cut out for them with the Cowboys, but will have the home game advantage. Green Bay will be playing another away game at the Vikings’ Mall of America Field in Minnesota.

By Hend Salah
A play-by-play review

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