Google Glass Star Trek Vision and Music

Google Glass Star Trek Vision and Music

Google Glass Star Trek Vision and Music

Google Glass is set to bring those who can afford it Star Trek vision and now, music. According to Young Guru; record producer/DJ, it takes one step forward in Trek technology to enable holodeck reality. The “augmented-reality” eyewear is bringing the future into the lives of those who can spend $1,500 to purchase the fashion accessory and video device. The latest “hook” for Google’s new eyewear is music.

The newest feature for Google Glass will be unveiled on Tuesday. Now the futuristic eyewear can access digital music and not only search for new music, but scan through the wearer’s playlists and listen to what they have favorited in high quality digital sound. All these actions will take place via the new Google frames via voice commands. The miniature computer and clear screen over the right eye will facilitate the steps required to access the wearer’s musical choices.

Now that this feature is available, when the Google Glass software starts up, “listen to” will immediately show up in the voice command section. This will be similar to the other voice commands; take a picture and search, which are already available when the computer boots up. The Glass wearer can then name what music or artist they wish to listen to and it will play via the media and apps menu. The songs chosen can be linked to existing playlists and the users can take advantage of songs that are recommended by prior choices made by the wearer.

The newest Google Glass Star Trek music vision does require an addition to the existing lense-free device. A set of Glass earplug headphones have been developed and they will be ready for purchase at the end of November. These new headphones will cost $85 and they will enable the user to enjoy the Sound Search existing feature which spots songs playing in the proximity of the wearer. This “vicinity search” for music was introduced two months ago.

The addition of the musical feature, has extended the “practical” uses of the new product. This newest type of personal computer has been somewhat controversial; claims of safety issues and invasion of privacy have been discussed.

According to the director of marketing for the product, Ed Sanders, the newest features were part of a great new musical experience. Whether the wearer is a professional musician or just a fan of the most current chart toppers, they can listen to their “favorite tunes” anywhere at anytime.

Google Glass has provided an excellent tie-in to Google’s entry into the digital music arena. This musical feature will help to push their new streaming music service along with the Glass Google Play Music All Access application. Currently this app is the only music application that is available on Glass, but others should be added later.

Young Guru, who is in a promotional video for Google Glass, said in an interview that he is a fan of the new computerized eyewear. He called it a “timesaver” and he says it comes as a realization of dreams that current consumers had as children. It was Young Guru who made the connection between the new Google Glass Star Trek vision and its new music application. He believes that this new technology is the beginning of the Enterprise’s holodeck, which he finds is pretty cool as well as a “great tool.”

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

The New York Times


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