African Contestants for Miss Universe 2013

Ten Exotic African beauty queens at Miss Universe 2013

African Contestants for Miss Universe 2013
Ten exotic African beauty queens contested the Miss Universe 2013, though they were not able to win the crown they did succeed in winning hearts. Africa, it is to be noted, has always had a strong contingent participating in this illustrious pageant. The youngest African contestant for the Miss universe 2013 crown was 19 years old while the oldest was 25.

Tasone Macheng, 19, 5 ft 4, was Miss Universe contestant from Botswana. She is a student of fine arts at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa. Her passions are painting and singing. She also like playing field hockey and baseball. Her cherished dream is to meet Chaka Khan.

Hanniel Jamin, 19, 5 ft 8, represented Ghana. She wants to become a professional singer in the future.

Nigeria’s representative was Stephaine Okawu, 19, 6 ft 1. Ms.Okawu, is a very brave girl who once conoed in the Lake Efi, in Nigeria, surrounded by crocodiles. She loves dancing and does part-time modelling. She works for the Drug Enforcement Agency of Nigeria.

Betty Omara Boniphace, 20, 5 ft 8 was born in Dar Es Salam. She is interested in international affairs and wants to become an investigative Journalist.She is a talented singer, as well.

Jennifer Ondo, 21, 5 ft 9, was Gibon’s representative for the Miss Universe 2013. Her dream is to meet President Barack Obama.

Mahadere Tigabe, 21, 5 ft 11 was Ethiopia’s representative at the Miss Universe 2013. She is a black belt in Taekwondo. She is presently a studying mechanical engineering at the University of Makelle in Ethiopia. She loves reading, gardening, teaching and dancing. Her hobby is collecting stamps from different countries of the world she has traveled to.

Vumara Rebelo, 22 , 5ft 8, represented Angola. She loves to travel and is a passionate tennis player. She works for radio, hosting a music program. She is also the creator of an educational cartoon. Being an avid reader she loves books, she has a library of 70 novels and according to her she bought 21 online books one day within an hour. She is a motivational speaker and hopes to work with the poor children in her community in the future.

South Africa’s representative at Miss Universe 2013 was Marilyn Ramos, 22, 5 ft 9. Loves traveling and swimming and horse riding. Presently she is a student at Inscape Design College, in Pretoria. In the future she wants to open a chain of fitness centers all over South Africa. To her credit, once she bungee jumped from the highest bridge in the world__ Bloukrans Bridge, in West Cape, South Africa.

Paulina Malalu, 24, 5 ft 7, was Namibia’s representative at the pageant. She has won the best young woman entrepreneur award. She is a skin care therapist and in the future wants to open a chain of spas in her country.

Last but not the least was Diya Beeltah, 25, 5 ft 8, works for the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She is a zealous practitioner of meditation through yoga. She is also an accomplished singer and plays Venna, one of the oldest stringed instrument in Indian traditional music.

These were the ten beautiful and exotic contestants from Africa at the Miss Universe Pageant 2013. These young women are an inspiration to other young African women who would like to take part in the next edition of Miss Universe.

By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

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