GTA V Has a Soundtrack: Is It as Good as the Record Setting Game?

GTA VGTA V is a record setting video game. In the first three days after it was released it had already tallied up a record setting $1 billion in sales. Within its first twenty-four hours alone, it had sold more than $800 million. GTA V’s improvements are not limited to graphics and role play. This GTA is the first GTA to have a scored soundtrack accompanying the action. But is GTA’s soundtrack as impressive as its record setting visuals?

Ivan Pavlovich, who is the head music supervisor at Rockstar Games, said that when they recorded the soundtrack for the game the intent was not to distract players from the action, but rather to foster involvement in the unraveling story.

The soundtrack for the game offers 20 hours of originally composed music for players to hear while they participate in the games many different possibilities.

The originally composed music is actually underwhelming, but the track list that they have compiled for additional musical enhancement more than makes up for what is lacking in its original score. There are more than 240 songs – that’s right, 240 – that listeners can rock out to during their shooting sprees.

As always with GTA, music floats in and out as a part of the radio stations that are layered within the game’s interface. But the list of DJ’s they have assembled this time around is truly remarkable. One station is hosted by members of the fuzz punk band Wavves and another by the legendary goddess of funk Bootsy Collins.

What’s even more impressive is the list of artists GTA V has enlisted to write original material specifically for the game. Artists include buzz worthy indie bands like Neon Indian, Twin Shadow, Yeasayer and HEALTH. They also have some of the bigger names in hip hop, including Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky and a recent Kenderick Lamar collaborator, Flying Lotus.  There is also an impressive list of DJ’s who provide grand textures.

So does the soundtrack live up to all the hype the game has stirred up? Fans certainly seem to think that it is just as good as the record setting visuals in GTA V. Perhaps the biggest reason for its appeal is that there is such a wide range to select from here that everyone is bound to go home happy, simply based on probability. Or maybe when you’re hijacking a car the music suddenly fades away and you’re just happy it did not get in the way.

Whatever the reason, Rockstar Entertainment has raised the bar on what can be done with a video game with GTA V. Not only are the visuals amazing, but it actually takes minutes to scroll through the track list of their soundtrack.

GTA V achieves its popularity because it is billed as a game where the gamer can do almost anything that he wants to. With their soundtrack, the makers of GTA V show just how ambitious they really are. They do not believe you should simply be able to do anything you want to. They have allowed you to do anything you want while listening to whatever kind of music you want to.

The soundtrack might not set any records or win a Grammy, but GTA V have certainly been able to construct a soundtrack that is good enough to live up to the hype started by their record setting video game.

By Nick Manai


Hollywood Reporter

Consequence of Sound


2 Responses to "GTA V Has a Soundtrack: Is It as Good as the Record Setting Game?"

  1. John   November 26, 2013 at 10:05 am

    The music score is ‘underwhelming’?

    Nigga, please! It’s a phenomenal score!

  2. Rob   November 25, 2013 at 5:09 am

    Bootsy Collins is a guy.


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