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GTA V Online Multiplayer Gamers Still Unhappy with Rockstar

GTA V Online Multiplayer Mode Letting Players down.

After releasing one of the most highly anticipated games of 2013, Rockstar Games seem to be going out of their way to alienate gamers who are still unhappy with the company. GTA V Online Multiplayer Mode is still having a multitude of problems and fans of the game are beginning to feel that Rockstar are purposefully trying to milk them dry of real cash instead of GTA V $ while taking the fun out of the franchise.

Despite multiple patches that Rockstar claim are fixing the character, item, and money lost issues; players are still complaining that their hard earned GTA V dollars have disappeared. There are players who are losing apartments, and rank as well. Each time Rockstar release another patch, which they say fixes the problem, players are logging onto the Support page and stating categorically that the problem still exists.

On top of these long running character loss issues, the Cloud servers are still inadequate to handle the sheer volume of gamers who want to access the Online Multiplayer Mode. Getting kicked out of a match; timing out while waiting for a game; being knocked out of a match when someone else joins and being told no matches are available while watching their friends get online, still occurs.

Another issue that still has Online Multiplayer fans very unhappy with Rockstar is the latest patch that cuts players V $ (dollars) by what many are saying is up to 80 percent. Players could, in the past, participate in races to earn big money to buy better gear; this has now stopped with races that used to pay out thousands of ingame bucks now pay out hundreds.

Other players are complaining that missions do not pay out nearly as much since the new patch. Rockstar have been accused of favoring players who cheat or who have more real money to buy GTA $. Reading the Rockstar Support page comments reveals a lot of gamers who feel that the company have decided to “screw” the non-cheating, or “normal” players. One even goes so far as to indicate that regular players will have to cut back on their personal vehicle and hide while playing online as they cannot afford to actively play amongst the “millionaires” who have maxed out rank points and have superior firepower.

Rockstar have made a more positive move in the area of the hated Bad Sport penalty, however. The Beach Bum Patch has significantly reduced the Bad Sport penalty for blowing up personal vehicles. They have also removed the Bad Sport penalty against players who are sitting stationary in a tank when other players crash their personal cars into the bigger vehicle. This latter move will make many happy who have been targeted by other players and have spent a lot of time in the Bad Sport Lobby as a result.

Unfortunately for every bug that Rockstar claim to fix, another occurs. The latest complaint comes from a new strength bug. Players are saying that their strength is being “resettled” or changed to a lower score. There appears to be no reason for this and it is in the trending questions on the Support page at the moment.

On Nov. 16 Rockstar Games deposited GTA $ into players accounts who lost garages or cars, but, on the same day other players have reported more character losing issues. While these are being “looked into” players are not too mollified by the payouts from R* since ingame money has become an issue.

It would seem that the GTA V Online Multiplayer issues should be disappearing instead of increasing, or in some cases, just deviating from past problems. As one player put it, “there should be updates every two hours instead of every two days.” Problems appear faster than the old ones can be fixed. There is also the issue of the servers just not being robust enough to handle the traffic. Although at the rate that players are getting frustrated with the game, the servers should be able to handle the soon-to-be dwindling number of gamers who want to play.

Players are still unhappy with Rockstar Games and the issue of the latest patch that reduces the Online Multiplayer GTA V $ is making fans of the game ready to give up on the latest version of the franchise. One gamer said it best when he noted that the new Xbox One would be out in a few days and it would then be a case of “bye, bye GTA V.” Despite making billions off their game, Rockstar Support is not, to players, supporting them as well as they should. What do you think? Are Rockstar games trying hard enough to fix the problems or do you feel that they just want to gouge gamers for more real cash?

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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