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GTA V Online Multiplayer Bad Sport Poll Result (Update)

GTA V Online Multiplayer Bad Sport Poll Result (Update)

Three weeks ago we held a poll to see what players thought of the GTA V Online Multiplayer Bad Sport penalty and the lobby for those who earn the duncecap. Well over 6,000 gamers voted on the poll and quite a large number left comments on the poll letting us, and other gamers, know what they thought of Rockstar Games introducing this feature to the online gameplay.

The Bad Sport issue has upset a number of players. Not, apparently, because it exists, but, because of the arbitrary nature of the penalty. The poll results show this in the amount of votes spread over just four choices. The choices, and the amount of readers who voted for them is as follows:

Choice one was a “flat-out” answer that said players liked the Bad Sport Lobby and the reasons for creating the penalty. Only 8 percent of players admitted to liking this feature, or 504 gamers who voted for number one.

The second choice was another “flat out” answer of those who just hate the new ruling. A staggering 52 percent of gamers stated that they really do not like this penalty. That equates to 3,358 players who voted for number two.

Number three was all about gamers liking the idea of the Bad Sport penalty and the lobby, but, they really think that it needs to be tweaked…a lot. Amazingly only 36 percent of you liked the new penalty, but want it changed. That worked out to 2,313 votes.

The last choice was just “other.” This could be referred to as the “on the fence” choice; players who don’t care one way or another. Only 3 percent of you just were not bothered by the new Bad Sport Lobby, or, 211 votes to be exact.

Reading the comments, there seems to be a clear split between GTA V Online Multiplayers who either hate or like the premise of the Bad Sport Lobby. The comments actually show what a percentage of gamers thought over and above the answers they chose in the poll.

There was a grand total of 56 comments on this aspect of the online gaming mode of GTA V. Of course, being comments left by gamers for other gamers, some of them were very short and to the point. One even contained a single word, “Douche.” Which pretty much summed up that particular commenters feelings about players who were complaining about the lobby.

The general sticking point seems to be that in a game verse where it is all about crime, being a “gangsta;” wholesale killing, robbing; blowing things up and generally doing all the things that one would never dare to do in real life; why on earth did Rockstar put this “disabling” feature in.

There were a few comments about glitching players and gamers who have done “mods” to maximise their firepower and LVL-ups, but, that occurs with most competitive games like this. Just ask anyone who plays CoD. One commenter spoke up and said that he and his wife played private co-op games and were amazed to hear about the Bad Sport Lobby and duncecap. That particular commenter recommended that friends who want to play together should use the private sessions instead of the online multiplayer arena.

The general consensus seems to be, among the commenters at any rate, that the Bad Sport Lobby would be more acceptable if there were some sort of logic to it. As it seems to stand now, a player can get the duncecap and banishment to the “bad boy” lobby; where all the players can blow each other up to their hearts content, by repeatedly blowing up other player’s personal vehicles.

This is fine if that is how you got sent to the lobby, but, apparently a lot of players get sent off after accidentally blowing up a personal vehicle (which has other players accusing these gamers of being a bit frugal with the truth) or by having other players drive into their tank.

The tank argument also results in other player’s derision, as apparently these are usually gotten as a result of mods or glitches. Regardless of how the players wind up in the Bad Sport Lobby, it does look like Rockstar need to clean up their rules for the penalty. The overall feeling from the comments are that not quite as many players despise the new penalty, they just want a better system set up to separate the real “Bad Sports” from the accidental ones.

The poll results of the GTA V Online Multiplayer Bad Sport issue is just as mixed as player’s feelings about what they see as an intrusion by Rockstar Games in this world of high octane crime. On another note, at least one commenter stated that the combination of Bad Sport and microtransactions have ruined the game and that GTA just isn’t what it used to be. What do you think? Are microtransactions the bane of your existence, or, is the Bad Sport Lobby your only bone of contention?

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

Las Vegas Guardian Express


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