GTA V Online Multiplayer Bad Sport Issue (Poll)

GTA V Online Multiplayer Bad Sport Issue (Poll)

Ever since Rockstar Games opened up the GTA V Online Multiplayer mode fans have been in an uproar about all the issues that have plagued the gameplay. Server crashes; character deletions; items being lost; and when the server wasn’t crashing, it was not working properly. Chaos. Now, there is another “problem” with the online mode; the Bad Sport issue. If you go to the Rockstar Games support site you will find a lot of players are not happy gamers.

Some of them have threatened to boycott R* if they do not get rid of the feature.

So what is the issue? In the simplest terms possible, it is all about blowing personal cars up. It seems that players who have stuck in there waiting for the server issues to improve have now come across another issue that is rapidly becoming a major irritant. The Bad Sport penalty insures that players who don’t “play by the rules” are punished. They will be labelled a “Bad Sport” and given a duncecap so that other players can see they’ve been penalized.

That’s not all. They are banished to the GTA V version of jail and are put into a lobby or gameplay mode with all the other “Bad Sports.” These penalized players are not allowed to join their friends on missions until their penalty time is up. Reading the long list of complaints on the Rockstar support forum these banishments seem to last from two to 8 days or longer.

There are at least two petitions on the forum that demand Rockstar Games remove it or at least tweak the feature to stop it from punishing everyone who blows up a car. There are a large number of GTA V online multiplayers who do not see the Bad Sport issue as a problem. Several comments have pointed out that you do not get the penalty for blowing up one car. These players maintain that you have to blow up several cars to get the duncecap.

While this claim is, obviously, open to debate; players who have been hit with the Bad Sport label more than once or twice in the GTA V online multiplayer mode are upset. These “Bad Sports” claim that Rockstar have ruined the very idea, and the gameplay, of GTA.

They do have a point. In a game where the entire verse is set in a criminal Utopia that revolves around shooting, robbing, killing and causing rampant destruction, it does seem a little counterproductive. It also seems to be completely against the mechanics of the game. Players must save their money and rank up their characters to buy explosives. The same goes for purchasing a tank which has a pricetag of $1.5 million making this one pricey vehicular weapon.

The complaint from players maintain that it is infuriating to finally afford to buy explosives, and a tank, only to be penalized for using them. On the flip side of this argument about the tank is the idea of being penalized when other players drive their cars into your tank. When the cars explode as a result, it goes against the tank owner. On the forum comments from players who believe that the feature is fine combat players who feel it should be done away with.

Rockstar Games obviously don’t feel there is an issue as they took down the sticky note that rated this issue as a trending question. Player’s who don’t like the feature were enraged. That this is a pretty volatile issue can be seen by how many pages are dedicated to complaints, or support, for the Bad Sport feature. There are 27 pages full of comments in case you are interested.

With so many GTA V Online Multiplayer gamers are discussing, and arguing about, the Bad Sport issue, we got curious. We have included a poll below this article to see just where GTA V gamers fall on this newest “irritation” from Rockstar. There are only three choices in the poll so take a second and let us know what you think. If you don’t want to do that, just leave us a comment on your thoughts. We will do a result on how people really feel later. So what do you think? Are you mad or glad?

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