Chris Brown Embraces Rehab for His Anger

Chris Brown


History repeats itself!  Chris Brown in trouble with the law, again!


“Well, it’s about time!” blared 48 year-old Veronica Ramon, from New Jersey, of the young and good-looking star, Chris Brown who, with his Body-guard, was arrested Sunday for brawling with a man from Maryland whose nose was broken and now Brown is headed to rehab!  Ms. Ramon, an avid “Chris Brown” fan with her daughter, went on to say, “Chris Brown is a fabulous dancer, but on the personal side, that boy needs anger management in the worst way!” she said.  Adding, “I still really want to know what makes him so mad.  Chris Brown has everything, fame, money, you know, all those things that make him a super-star.  And he dances with the light flair of Fred Astaire, but his anger, which appears to be deep-rooted, is only spoiling things for him since his beating of Rihanna,” said Ramon, “I really want to know why Chris Brown is so angry,” she ended.


Many people are asking that same question.  Chris Brown’s sensational career was tarnished the moment that he assaulted Rihanna, and because of it, people everywhere characterized him a woman beater, and this unsavory reputation, of him being a hothead too, only worsened from there.


Perhaps now Chris Brown, in rehab for anger management, will face his demons, embrace the help he so desperately needs, find the answers for himself, and quit being so large on anger and trouble with the law.


Still, Chris Brown, on the quick, is going on the suggestions of others, who themselves have landed in hot water with the law and sprinted to redeem themselves by playing “Goodie-goodie, look at me: I’m in rehab now, Your Honor!”  —right before going to court to face a Judge with the last word.


Currently, Chris Brown is on probation in Los Angeles for his ferocious attack on Rihanna, in 2009.  If he in fact is in violation of his probation, because of this latest brush with the law in Washington, on November 20 the Los Angeles Judge may elect to order Chris Brown to complete four years in prison on that Rihanna charge alone.


Did Chris Brown not think of that situation, while brawling in Washington, or is his “anger MIS-management” and “sense of entitlement” too far gone that it’s clouded his judgment?


While in Washington, Chris Brown sat in jail for 36 hours for the simple assault on Isaac Adams Parker, 20, of Beltsville, Maryland, on Sunday.  On Monday, he, in shackles, appeared in court and was given 48 hours to report to his probation officer in Los Angeles before going released.  Unless his probation officer is buddy-buddy with Chris Brown, then more-than-likely Chris Brown may have to undergo his anger management behind bars when already Prosecutors are in “no mood” to accommodate Mr. Brown anymore.


While on probation, any arrest is a violation of probation and usually results in loss of freedom, thus incarceration.  Let’s hope that Chris Brown genuinely embraces rehab for anger management.


By Christina L. Ibbotson

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