Poisoned: New Theory on Brittany Murphy’s Death

Brittany Murphy Possibly Poisoned

The death of actress Brittany Murphy in 2009 sent shockwaves through the media.  Murphy passed away suddenly, supposedly from anemia and pneumonia. New reports have now surfaced supporting the theory that the 32-year-old star may have been poisoned at the hands of a third party.

Ironically, Simon Monjack, Brittany’s husband, also died 5 months after Murphy of the same illness, reported as pneumonia. This report also raised questions about his death. It seems strange that both fell victim to the same illness, and now the report that Murphy was poisoned may indicate Monjack was poisoned as well.

Murphy passed away on December 20, 2009. Her mother, Sharon Murphy, named sole heir of her daughter’s estate, found Murphy dead at home. The Los Angeles County Coroner ruled Murphy’s cause of death as severe anemia and acute pneumonia complicated by therapeutic medications. Nevertheless, Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti had a different opinion regarding his daughter’s cause of death and pursued it.

According to reports, Bertolotti claimed that someone might have poisoned his daughter. He alleged that samples of Murphy’s hair did not see testing at the time of her death, and he took his case to the Superior Court of Los Angeles. Bertolotti succeeded and paid for the toxicology test on Murphy’s blood, hair, and tissue.

The results have come back bearing high levels of metals and insecticides associated with the toxic barium, an ingredient in rat poisons, Bertolotti stated on Monday.

The report is now suggesting that a third party possibly murdered both Murphy and Monjack, who reportedly passed away experiencing the same symptoms. These symptoms included abdominal cramps, coughing, congestion, dizziness and disorientation, headaches, sweating, wheezing and pneumonia.

Bertolotti grew suspicious that something was very wrong when both Murphy and Monjack exhibited the same symptoms, all of which likened to that of someone poisoned with heavy toxins.  Upon his daughter’s death, he came to believe that  Murphy may have been poisoned.

Regarding the tests done on Murphy’s tissue and hair samples, the laboratory findings allegedly returned that the levels of 10 heavy metals assessed were greater than the World Health Organization (WHO) high levels.  In addition, that if they were to exclude the tester contributor from an inadvertent contact with the heavy metals, then the only reasonable interpretation would be that a third party oversaw the exposure to these toxins with possible criminal intention.

Bertolotti has stated that reporters spread brutal rumors and tarnished his daughter’s reputation unfairly, and that his daughter was not a drug user or an anorexic as implied. Bertolotti insists that Murphy was maligned in the media, and did not simply fall ill from pneumonia.

Bertolotti points to a newspaper in Hollywood that he says scorned his daughter and Monjack when the paper stated that they felt they were under suspicion. Bertolotti added that he would not rest until the truth goes revealed. “There will be justice for Brittany,” said Bertolotti.

Bertolotti stated that he thinks he knows who poisoned Murphy, but that he prefers to reserve it for now.

The Huffington Post reports that Chief Coroner Investigator Craig R. Harvey stated, “We have not been presented any [third] party lab test results for analysis, so we are unable to comment on publicized reports on private lab tests.”

If it can be proven that Murphy and Monjack were poisoned, it is hoped that the criminal behind their deaths is caught and prosecuted. Otherwise, we have a killer on the loose and two young people taken from us before their time.

By Christina L. Ibbotson

Entertainment Wise

NY Daily News

Fox New 

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