GTA V Still Selling Huge After Two Consecutive Months

GTA V Comes Out With Beach Bum DLC

gta vGTA V is still selling huge after two consecutive months. In its first month, the game sold 29 million copies globally; on the first day of its release, it hit $800 million in sales.

GTA V is known for its high-quality interactive game, and has made thrilled millions of customers. The reviews have been unreal, making GTA V the hugest boom for the gaming industry. The long wait for this game has turned out to be worth it.

Not only do rabid gamers love this game, but they have a Beach Bum DLC to look forward to, which will give them options to make their characters “beach friendly,” with different beach-y vehicles and weapons. The DLC will have a dune buggy, an off-road truck, beach camper, and a speedboat. Weapons will include a Broken Bottle and an SNS pistol.

In Beach Bum, you can also refashion your characters, changing hairstyles, adding tattoos, surfboards, beach shorts, maybe make them beach blond? We will have to wait and see if changing hair color will be an option.

The Beach Bum DLC will be free for download online, and can be used in conjunction with GTA V. This DLC will be released next week, and can be used online and in story mode.

There are rumors of other DLCs being released, specifically Yanktown and Casino Heists. These would appear to excite fans but at the moment they are only rumors though Yanktown seems to be a real possibility for release. Rockstar has said there will be more content updates so this can go either way but gamers can be sure that whatever Rockstar puts out, it will likely be a sellout. Beach Bum is the first of what will be many content updates gamers can expect in the future.

As for the single-player option for Beach Bum, Rockstar has not released information about this yet but players can anticipate Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and the Damned for the Beach Bum DLC.

As if to maintain the momentum of its GTA V sales, Rockstar is rumored to be releasing a GTA V steam key in summer 2014.  This can be preordered online although Rockstar has yet to confirm this.

Twitter Talks GTA V

@Saturn_Silenced: Played some Tony Hawk 1 on N64 and now watching GTA V stuff. In all seriousness, GTA V is probably my favorite game this year

@conscioushippie: Just gonna get high and play gta v all day

‏@KheiPlang: What I’ve been doing since yesterday: GTA V. GTA V. GTA V. GTA V. GTA V. GTA V. GTA V. SKYRIM. CALL OF DUTY. ASSASIN’S CREED. MORE GTA V.

@InfamousAce_410: the fact that they played Ambitionz As A Ridah in GTA V makes it one of the most epic games of all time

Danny ‏@HTML_Teacher: Over the past week, I’ve learned from GTA V.. it’s taught me never to get over-attached to anything or anyone. In the end it is all gone.

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